Hey J –

It’s been a whole year already.  Lordy lordy.  I know I should have written this on Saturday, as that was a year to the day, I apologise. And I know I should have bought flowers. Once again, my bad.

A lot has happened in the past 12 months and I know a lot of people miss you, myself especially. You taught me more than anyone else has about myself, and you’ll be happy to know that now I’m some sort of Superman… a much better version of what I was. The whole “sometimes it needs to get worse before it gets better” thingamabob can be so true.

I’m not even sure you ever listened to this band or not, but for some reason this song always reminds me of you.  Probably the whole image I get of you pretending to be a fashion diva or something… but I think its apt.

Broken Social Scene – Anthems for a Seventeen Year Old Girl (live) 

I hope they a good internet connection where you are.

Take care of yourself.

P.S. I know you visited.