Dude, this is so fucked. I totally wrote this reviewish thing, like, hmmmm, three weeks ago? But, you know, my computer ate it. Or something. My boss is totally riding me to get something up about the show and says that all I did was sit on the couch and eat catnip all day. I mean, who told him?

Now I have to piece together my smokey memories and actually try and remember the show. I could barely remember it while it was going on, I was so far whacked out on the feline green. I will say this: Animal Collective was like, rad. I know it must have been hard for the suit-types to really capture the essence of the band, who jumped around like beautiful kangaroos and yelped like coyotes on peyote, but I, as a member of wonderful mother Earth and friends with nature, fully dug it.

No, YOU are insane.

Though "Banshee Beat" and "Grass" blew my mind, it was "We Tigers" that was worth the price of admission those forest-raping bastards Clear Channel charged. You simply haven't lived until you've seen it performed live. I'm assuming that the band is consantly on mushrooms (like most of the audience), and I've never heard a song more accurately portray the wonders of a psilocybic trip. At one point beautiful, at one point terrifying, and at one point melting. Seriously, if you've never done 'shrooms before, just listen to that song and close your eyes. You will see God. Or Satan. Or more likely, the two of them playing a game of Battleship.

God: "B1 through B4. That's your destroyer. C6, D6, and E6. That's your submarine. Do you want to continue this?"

Satan: "Eat me, bitch."

Someone was kind enough to post a video of "We Tigers" live at SXSW. Of course I'm supposed to able to embed the thing here, but it don't work. Here's another, with a new song before "We Tigers." The new song is called "Peace Bone" and it's quickly becoming my favorite AC song ever, and all I've heard are these shitezen bootlegs. I know the video is dark, but if you were there you were probably screaming and trying to scratch the demons off of your face anyway and couldn't see.

Animal Collective – The Purple Bottle (acoustic-ish)

See you lunatics at Coachella!