By popular demand, and by that I mean the voices in my head, I’m posting a Peace Bone mp3 and lyrics. These lyrics were taken off a message board, and someone (insert credit here) did a heck of a job deciphering Avey Tare. Pat yourself on the back, or wherever else makes you feel good.

Peace Bone/We Tigers (Live) – Animal Collective

My peace bone got found in a dinosaur wing
Jumped in all over the mules and slowly shrinking
Its was a jugular vein in a juggler’s girl
It was supposedly leakin most interesting colors

Went out from my fingers
And lived in the sand

Bluegrass and letters
That you used to go get broccoli
Otherside of takeout Still do alright (or our rice)

Cuz my obsession with the past is like a kid fight
Few things are related to the old times
When we didn’t believe in magic and we didn’t die
This time the words that you should follow went you’re inside
We want you inside

Because you’re inside

But the monster was happy cause you made him a maze
Cause he don’t understand intentions he just looks at your face
And then the bubbles exploded and tickled the bath
Oh all the birds were very curious and all the fish were at the surface

Laugh at me waiting for the soul to get calm
Im like a pelican at red tide, a vision like a fisherman
A blow out does not mean I’ll have a good night

Well I start in a hose and I end in a yard
And when I feel like I’m stealing my feet are so hard
The pace that you’re cookin could demolish a clown
We went from castles to get to mountains and all the mountains you haven’t seen

The bear in your heart
Was a new kind of sound
When you have to go to New York
To make your heads and tails mean anything
To find out that you can’t ask out And maybe to cry
When you’re obsession with the past is like a kid fight