August 2006


I’ve kind of been internalizing alot recently, which means all my friends think I’m a dick, when really all I want to do is listen to music by myself. Yeah, you know the word. There are a few songs that are particularly sticking out right now, all of which are relatively new to me. Ahhh who am I kidding, I’m bored at work and needed a reason to post. YES I’M CRANKY SOBER!

Destroyer – Here Comes the Night destroyer.jpg
This song reminds me of everything I wanted to listen to back in the mid-90s. It just sounds…old. Maybe it’s the quality of the MP3 or something, but it’s a total trip in the way-back machine. Plus–“Here Comes the Night?” Totally anthem. And totally dark. But it’s the 4:20 (hee hee) mark that really kicks the song into another gear…the bass tumbles into the riff it has been teasing for the whole song and everything just goes to another level. SHUTUP! I’m listening to this song!

Lyrics–I know what Dan Bejar is saying but I have no idea what he is saying.

All the skies opened up and now they’re mentioning your name
In connection with a drowning when you’re just saying: “Ah, let it come down!”

So you stole that Schwinn to ride into the Winner’s Circle of the Sun
Now Mile-End is claiming:”You’re one of those!
Take off those clothes! You’re one of them!”
But you won’t!

I couldn’t turn around, I couldn’t wrap my head around it
Best to forget that things change. Hanging outside in the rain is OK.
I walked into the festival. Did these cacophonies please you?
(They please me too)
Back when we still had our sight
But don’t look now, people… Here comes the night! Here comes the night!

I heard those traps you’ve been living off of and on have come undone
I heard you only poach to save your children. Well save it…
‘Cause a real thief! thief! thief! thief! thief! thief! thieves!

I couldn’t turn around, or phrase it as a question
‘Cause when it comes to that prize a temple your size was too big
I walked into Festival (I know you know The Festival)
of Symphonies pleased you…(They pleased me too)
Back when we still had our sight
But don’t look now, Angel…
Here comes the night! Here comes the night!

The Foundry Field Recordings – Buried Beneath the Winter Frames 924-1130798947.jpg
Talk about stumbling onto a gem. Heard this on WOXY and it was lust at first sound. Initially (after the somewhat curiously placed drum intro) it sounds like a shnazzed up version of Broken Social Scene’s “Swimmers” because they both use the same rhythm, but it quickly turns into a countryside stroll. Soon to appear on every single mix tape I make in the near future. SHUTUP! I’m listening to this song!

Lyrics–By ear, so they’re probably VERY wrong

Don’t carry on
Don’t count me out
We’re buried beneath the winter frames
And then all gone

Then it rained for an hour
Caused the shift in power
The next one sticks and stones
and then all gone

Nobody knows who you are
And I want to see it again

If you always get up late
You’re never gonna be on time
If you always get up late
You’re never gonna be on time
(ok – that’s “Swimmers” but still, it’d make a great mash-up)

Akron/Family – Gone Beyond
akron1marq.jpgAnother tune I can’t get enough of at the moment is the leaked song from Akron/Family’s upcoming album, Meek Warrior. It’s pretty much everything I hoped it would be–just a taste of what’s coming up. A simple campfire song that shows off the band’s ability to throw layer upon layer a groove, culminating in their trademark four-person harmonies. I’m still unconvinced that all these guys can sing, when put together it’s unlike anything else I’ve heard. Dammit! SHUTUP I SAID! I’m listening to this song!

Lyrics–again from ear but you’d have to be really tripping your balls off to not know them

Gone, gone, gone beyond
Gone completely beyond.

And so am I.



Yeah – it’s not exactly music, but I’m letting it slide for a couple reasons. First, the show was at The Fillmore. Second, he plays the piano. Third, he was fucking hilarious.

The man can tell jokes… and make the silence between jokes be just as funny. He closed the set with his usual written jokes on a gigantic pad of paper (which were handed out at the end of the show by roadies to adoring fans) while wearing a Little Orphan Annie outfit. It looked good on him, too.


Set list:
Masturbating onto his headshot
BET Canada
The honor of sharing the same stage as The Spin Doctors
Improv of him telling people they are losers
Armenian babies
Chinese roommate

I’m not saying he’s as funny as David Cross, but I sure am trying to imply it. Think Steven Wright and Carol Kane’s illegitimate bastard son.


Earlier I wrote about Wolf Parade playing at The Fillmore, and commented on how the tickets were too expensive. It’s partially The Fillmore’s fault obviously, but it’s also the inevitable result of the band getting bigger and bigger.

I told myself, “Cat, no way are you paying the ticket price and the ‘processing’ fee and the ‘service’ charge and the ‘ink’ tax for the show. You have morals, and you should stick by them.”

Well, I went to the show. BUT–I went morally intact. Instead of getting raped by Clear Channel, The Fillmore, and TicketMaster, I took matters in to my own paws and raped my friend for a ticket. Figuratively, of course. I only condone rape in role play.

So this was the third time I’d seen them, and it’s more or less the same everytime. That is, “Hey look, it’s Wolf Parade. Yep, that’s them alright.” I never get excited to see them, but I leave the show very satisfied. Do they put on a good show? Not necessarily, but dammit they sound fucking fantastic.


Spencer: “Moustache rides–5 cents!”

Watching the show, my cat-like mind was aflutter with various theories/conspiracies. I’m not too sure I get one of the sounds coming out of Canada these days. The whole Spencer Krug/Frog Eyes/Sunset Rubdown school of rock just doesn’t jibe with me, dig? I can see how some people like it, and at points during the Frog Eyes set I realized that there is some goddamned brilliance in there. The sound is like the whole hip “bedhead/messy hair” look. To get the look, you put everything in place, get it perfect, then fuck it up a bit.

But why does Wolf Parade work so well? It’s the yin/yang between Spencer Krug (pictured – lying on top) and Dan Boeckner (pictured – center). Most people jock Spencer, but me, I’m a Dan man. “Shine a Light,” “It’s a Curse,” and “This Heart’s on Fire” are three of my favorite tracks from Apologies to the Queen Mary, and those are very “Dan” songs (the fourth being “I’ll Believe in Anything”). However, put the two together and it’s all just completely badass good.

It immediately got me thinking of another band with a beloved frontman and a second songwriter that I preferred–Sebadoh. Lou Barlow was the darling, but I was always a Jason Lowenstein kind of guy. Even Rob Corddry agrees. Bakesale is a fantastic record, and combines both songwriters’ efforts well. But it’s Lowenstein’s songs that really nail it for me. If I were an angry teenager, “Not Too Amused” would be my anthem.

I digress… here’s the setlist from the show (to the best of my knowledge–and yeah, that new one from Dan is some of their best work yet, let me know if anyone has it or knows the name)

Wolf Parade @ The Fillmore   August 24, 2006

Things I Don’t Know (new)
Shine a Light
Grounds for Divorce
It’s a Curse
Dear Sons and Daughters of Hungry Ghosts
Killing Armies (I think)
You are a Runner and I am My Father’s Son
Fancy Claps
We Built Another World
New Spencer one
New Dan one that was totally, like, bitching
I’ll Believe in Anything
This Heart’s on Fire
The National People’s Scare (I think)
Dinner Bells

Sorry–no pics. Some live-ish Wolf Parade MP3s:
Wolf Parade – This Heart’s on Fire (Live)
Wolf Parade – Thing’s I Don’t Know (Live)
Wolf Parade – Shine A Light (Live on CBC Radio)
Wolf Parade – I’ll Believe in Anything (Live on CBC Radio)
Wolf Parade – Lousy Pictures (Live on CBC Radio)


Going to keep this short, only because there surprisingly was very little to say about the show. About a week ago Denmark’s Mew (meh), San Francisco’s Two Gallants (yeah!), Toronto’s Broken Social Scene (ace!), and England’s Bloc Party (meh, but not as meh as Mew) played an out door show at The Greek Theater in Berkeley.

I remember more about the hot young indie chicks running around than I do about the performances. But in Broken Social Scene’s defense, they were missing Feist, Amy Milan, and Emily Haines. It was kind of like watching the 1972 Man United squad without Georgie Best.

lisa_bss.jpg   bssladies.jpg
Lobinger was there. These three weren’t.

Here’s the setlist:

Jimmy and the Photocall
7/4 (Shoreline)
Cause = Time
Fire Eye’d Boy
Stars + Sons
Handjobs for the Holidays
Ibi Dreams of Pavement (A Better Day)
It’s All Gonna Break

(Superconnected and Handjobs may have been played in reverse order, I couldn’t read my notes. Fookin’ catscratch.)

That’s right, no “Almost Crimes,” no “Anthems,” no “KC Accidental,” no “Major Label Debut (slow),” no “Major Label Debut (fast),” no “Major Label Debut (acoustic).”

Even with all that, they’re still one the best.

Maybe this will satisfy my Feist-less Major Label Debut-less experience.

While we’re on BSS, I quite enjoyed this quote from a review in New York Magazine: “I think there’s another reason Broken Social Scene sounds better this time around. The context of indie rock has changed. The last two years have seen an explosion of young retro-obsessed bands who name-drop the likes of Joy Division and Gang of Four as their influences but usually sound more like Duran Duran. It’s hard to explain why this is happening, but their lack of musical ambition is a bummer. Give me a collective over that any day.”


It’s another mix tape-ish type of thing! But it’s actually a CD! But Meow Mix Tape sounds so much better than Meow Mix CD! Anymeow (<– oh my god that’s the funniest thing I’ve ever written ever), here’s the info.


Date: Hmm… good question. Maybe Late July? I don’t know.

Who: Sweet, sweet Emily. Awwww… she’s so cute.

Why: General kindness of my own heart.

Name: See mood.

Delivered: By hand. At her work. Rather non-chalantly.

Situation: This one incubated for a while. Pulled a bunch of tracks on and off repeatedly, ended up with a jumbled mess.

Mood: The purpose of this CD is to facilitate what I call the “80-minute wake-up.” Sometimes, it’s best to wake up, but not get out of bed for like 2 hours. This CD is designed to keep people in bed, but let them get out of it feeling like the world isn’t actually a giant piece of shit. Think of nothing, listen to everything, love life. That kind of hippy shit.


1. Dios Malos – “You Make Me Feel Uncomfortable”
Em said she wanted some Dios Malos, so here it is. Mellow, but not mellow enough to go right back to sleep to. Also, nothing like a song about needing a bit more space to get you going in the morning (or in Emily’s case, the afternoon.)

2. Tunng – “People Folk”
Man, this song kicks so much ass and goes nowhere. I love it. Has some weird workman’s like ethic thing going with it, which is why it’s in the “you eventually have to get out of bed and get some shit done today” slot. Meant to be listened to with the window open.
Tunng – People Folk

3. Mum – “We Have a Map of the Piano”
Probably my favorite song on the CD. This song is what makes everything in life great-not many other songs prettier than this one out there. A nice track to just zone out to. If you ever catch me listening to this song, please, do not talk to me.
Mum – We Have a Map of the Piano

4. Spiritualized – “The Slide Song”
Okay, did I say the last song was my favorite? Well, this is also my favorite. Didn’t think it was possible, but this song is even prettier than the last. God, what kind of man am I where I am calling things “pretty.” Let’s try that again. Dude, this song is cool, yeah man… like rad. Anymeow (hee hee), spent my entire junior and senior years listening to this song. In fact, this is the song that made me a Spiritualized freak, and in turn, changed my life. Man, I am such a pussy.

5. Vetiver – “Double”
This is the third in a killer set of songs that are just meant to cripple Emily. This is also the song that I wouldn’t make the CD without. It starts off innocently enough, just a nice psychedelic nap in the park. But when the strings really hit, it absolutely slays me. Andy Cabic is an incredible songwriter who just pours his heart out in every song, and in doing so says how we all feel. A fucking tear-jerker.

6. Stars – “Your Ex-Lover is Dead”
A Louder Pussycat favorite. Not much to say here except that after listening to these last four songs in a row, the world seems alright, doesn’t it?

7. Sparklehorse featuring Vic Chestnut- “Sunshine”
Suzie may hate Vic Chestnut, but the man absolutely delivers. Like “The Slide Song,” this is the track that got me into Sparklehorse, even though it isn’t Mark Linkous singing. It’s hard to tell whether this song was meant to be happy or sad, but I’ve always thought of it as happy-lay-on-your-back-in-the-park. It now dons on me that there is sort of a sunshine theme going on with this CD, which was unintentional but perfect-o at the same time.

8. Pinback – “Lyon”
Another song that begs the question, “Happy? Sad?” And once again, I’ve always seen it as happy, maybe in that “God damn I just finished a marathon and I’m so fucking exhausted and I think I’m going to die” happy, but nonetheless happy. I mean honestly, what the fuck good is a mixed CD with a bunch of depressing songs? And don’t ask me about the chorus “Pave the way for the manta ray,” because I have no idea, man. Rob Crow is a lunatic.

9. The Earlies – “Lows”
I’m a huge fan of instrumentals, like I’m a huge fan of people shutting the fuck up. The moment says so much more than anything else, so please, shut your cat nip hole. Just one of several stellar tracks from an incredible album. Works perfectly as the mid-way point on the CD, and really sets the whole lucid dream thing this CD is supposed to promote.

10. Fruitbats – “Rainbow Sign”
I kind of really wanted to put “Dragonships” in here, but a song talking about Vikings doing a lot of drugs just didn’t fit as well. A fantastic, layered song with a great payoff. Could have been written in the late 60’s, but sounds great now. Timeless.

11. Broken Social Scene – “Major Label Debut (Live on KCRW)”
Jesus, just listen to Feist.

12. The Morning After Girls – “Chasing Us Under”
After putting this on, I kind of thought it was a bit hard for the CD, but it probably hits the mood on the head better than any of the other songs on here. This is pretty much the ultimate “screw waking up I’m hanging out in bed for a few more hours” song, because it really has some weird sense of accomplishment. By listening to this song, one feels okay to cross off a few things on the To Do List. Take out the trash? Well, I listened to “Chasing Us Under,” check!

13. Wilco – “I am Trying to Break Your Heart”
Gah… reality is a bitch. Still, one of the dreamiest out there. Best song of the decade? Probably.
Jeff Tweedy – I am Trying to Break Your Heart (Live)

14. Yo La Tengo – “How to Make a Baby Elephant Float”
Probably should have been the last track, as it’s a great way to actually start the day. Probably the point at which you should sit up and begin looking around. Why is it that the husband and wife team of Ira and Georgia just make their songs sound so much more real? This band could never sell another record again and be so fucking happy.

15. Akron/Family – Shoes”
Okay, time to lay back down. “As you approach the sun… it rains on everyone. You float awayyyyyyyyy…” Couldn’t have said it better myself, you goddamn hippies.

16. Animal Collective – “Loch Raven”
Not a real instrumental, but I always considered it one. AC makes such beautiful sounds… it’s kind of like music just sort of happens in their songs as a side effect. This track in particular is just one of those songs that makes me stop in my tracks. Is it about love? About drugs? About peanut butter? I don’t know, but it sounds rad.

17. Spiritualized – “Stay With Me”
Once again I broke my rule of only one song per artist per mixed CD. But it’s Spiritualized. This song is a plea from the bed. Lay back down and start the CD over.


Say what you will about The Mars Volta, but the fact is that if you don’t like them, you just don’t get them, man!

Or perhaps you are somewhat sane. Either way, it’s your loss. I got me a one-way ticket to Crazyburgh, and I only brought one toothbrush. Huh?


Here’s something to tide you over until the new album, “Amputechture,” comes out on August 22 September 12.

A couple comments about the show: Quality is so-so. This was before they started playing L’via. The version of Drunkship of Lanterns is only 18 minutes long! Slackers! Cassandra Gemini on the other hand, clocks in at a wonderful 35 minutes.

And if you haven’t seen them live, do yourself a favor, and see them the next time they’re around. The angsty teens on acid and ‘shrooms are worth the price of admission alone. They open for the Red Hot Chili Peppers beginning August 11. Okay, maybe that’s not worth it, but still.

The Mars Volta – Live in Brussels, February 22, 2005

1. Intro
2. Take the Veil Cerpin Taxt
3. Drunkship of Lanterns (intro)
4. Drunkship of Lanterns
5. The Widow
6. Cygnus… Vismund Cygnus
7. Roulette Dares (This is the Haunt of)
8. Concertina
9. Encore break
10. Cassandra Gemini