November 2007


Okee dokee. Where to start? Saw Spiritualized’s Acoustic Mainlines show in San Francisco on Sunday. It was spectacular… though I don’t know if that would hold true for everyone. I’m guessing most people liked it, as the two non-Spiritualized cats I went with certainly enjoyed it.


Sorry, inside pic taken with cell phone.

Bimbo’s was pretty much a perfect place for the show, the crew assembled round tables on the floor with six chairs per. Or Purr! Ha get it? Someone shoot me now! Hint: order Maker’s Mark on the rocks with a coke back. You get gigantic glasses of Maker’s Mark. And that is a goooood thing.

I managed to grab THE setlist from the show, and I say THE setlist because it was Jason’s setlist. Yes, our eyes feast on the same thing. Soundwave liked it, too.


I’m not really going to write any proper review for the show. It just doesn’t seem right to. Yes, it was awesome. Yes, it was different than a rock/electric Spiritualized show. Yes, it was nice to see Jason in that sort of atmosphere. Other than that, the “new” stuff (stuff I didn’t know) was great, especially Soul on Fire and Baby I’m Just a Fool.

But here’s the above picture with comments.


I’m still looking for the legendary Salford show in a format I can download, but in the meantime, you can hear an Acoustic Mainlines show from a festival here. In the meantime, here’s some stuff thats sort of relevant.

Ben Gibbard – “Hold On”
A pretty horrible live cover by the Death Cab frontman. Way to go, Ben. You big jerk.
Particle – “I Think I’m in Love”
Surprisingly good live cover. Keeping it true to the material.
The Electric Mainline – “All Too Much”
The Electric Mainline – “Let Me Drift Away”
These guys stole their name from Spiritualized and sometimes steal the sound too.
Spacemen 3 – “Hey Man”
From Sound of Confusion
Spiritualized – “So Hot (Wash Away All of My Tears)”
Live – 1993



No doubt massive heads ’round the nation want to know, what the hell is that song in the new LeBron James Nike ad? What ad say you? This ad:

Let’s just answer your question quickly. The song is from Steven Soderbergh’s Solaris, and was written by Cliff Martinez. Martinez is one of Soderbergh’s go-to guys (along with another favorite of mine, David Holmes) and did the scores to Solaris and Traffic as well as some other films I don’t care to look up right now.

Here’s how the song and one other sounds in the film in nine-and-a-half of my favorite minutes in film history (and leaves me sobbing like a wee baby):

The song:
First Sleep

I’ll also include the reprise, which is also featured in the clip above, and one from Traffic.
Don’t Blow It
No Swinging the Club in the Car

Cliff Martinez is good. Steven Soderbergh is good. LeBron James, he’s not bad.