We are cats who love music, mice and fish. We are all for cat power, but we hate Cat Power.


Chairman Meow (Siamese), Site Director

Inman McFistington (Scottish Fold), UK Editor

Susie Vomit (American Shorthair), Noise, Punk Editor

Sunshine 4 Paws (American Shorthair), Folk, Psychedelic Editor

Boots Whiskeyton (Calico), Twang, Americana, ‘n allllllll that

J.Spacecat (Abyssinian), Spiritualized Specialist

Lil’ Meow Meow (Persian), Hip-hop, Rap, Bitches Editor

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8 Responses to “About…”

  1. JP Peters Says:

    I absolutely love your site & would be completely thrilled if you would give our artists a listen & our label a good look. I truly believe the label I represent, Livewire Recordings, has something special and would love to see them recognized for it. Please check out their website, http://www.livewirerecordings.net.

    If you’d like to hear some great new music now, you can easily stream in The Rewinds entire album for free, download Ghostriders for free & watch an exclusive interview if you go to: http://www.therewinds.com/freetracks the password: ride4free (share this info with anyone & everyone!)

    You can also stream in Torch, from Devon Allman’s Honeytribe, download Torch for free & watch an exclusive interview if you go to: http://www.honeytribe.com/freetracks the password: mahalo (again, share, share, share!)

    Our most recent releases are EP’s for Exit Clov (myspace.com/exitclov or exitclov.com) and The Comfies (myspace.com/thecomfies or thecomfies.com). Not to mention, our first artist, Ashton Allen (myspace.com/ashtonallen or ashtonallen.net), or our newest group, Warm in the Wake (myspace.com/warminthewake or warminthewake.com)!

    If you’re interested in particular artists for review, I’d be happy to send you MP3’s or promo material. Enjoy & please let me hear your thoughts! I’d love to further introduce you to our other artists and, of course, our label, Livewire Recordings.


    JP Peters
    New Media
    Livewire Recordings
    3050 Royal Blvd South
    Ste. 110
    Alpharetta, GA 30022
    (678) 624-1770
    (678) 624-1774 fax

  2. Cathy Dekker Says:

    hi, how do I get a username and password to your site?

  3. kerry Says:


    I am a press agent for an artist in the UK called Eugene Francis Jnr

    He released his first single ‘POOR ME’ in June (released globally via digital – US/CANADA, JAPAN, EUROPE on itunes) and his debut album ‘The Golden Beatle’ is due to be released in April 2008.

    My friend is a fan of Louder, Pussycat and has turned me onto it

    I am looking to get you into him and was wondering if you would consider mentioning / posting the release of his album – also the album video link.

    Last year he toured in the UK with Tegan and Sara (their personal choice).

    More info on the artist can be found

    http://www.myspace.com/eugenefrancisjnr or http://www.legionpresents.com/eugenefrancisjnr



    hit me back

    k x


    If you like cats so much, you should check out Tinyfolk’s cat album (on cllct.com). Those are some fuck-yeah-cat-songs, baby.

  5. kitty-dude Says:

    Hey m8.
    I found your website via playlist.com. Seems like playlist has cached this amazing live version of “soul on fire” (the 3:50 one). But now it seems like the original file has been removed by someone. Could you repost it?
    Thanks for your help!

  6. Dirty T's Says:

    We are the Dirty T’s, a rock band based in Tokyo, Japan…. we just released our new EP, “Dirty, Dirtier, Dirtiest” and thought u might be interested. Please check us out at Promonet:


    Hope u like, come rock with us in Tokyo!

    The Dirty T’s

  7. i love scottish folds. if you guys need some cat info check out http://www.scottishfoldkitten.com they got great stuff!

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