OK, maybe it is. But fret not. Their spirit lives on. Two off-shoots of the indie rock fave have albums out.The Aliens (made up of former Betas John Maclean, Robin Jones and Gordon Anderson) have released their Alienoid Starmonica EP on 7" vinyl and "enhanced CD".

Also, former Beta Band frontman Stephen Mason's King Biscuit Time has an album, Black Gold, coming out on the 15th. In the meantime, they have a single called Kwangchow out on CD and vinyl.

Videos from both bands are available on their sites. And both bands have tour dates coming up in Europe, so if you're lucky enough to live over there, you can still get a little of the magic that was the Beta Band live.


One of LP’s favorite local bands, Birdmonster, came out with their new album today. They were also featured in the Chron over the weekend. This is it, you guys. This is the point at which Birdmonster gets seriously famous. Next thing you know, they’ll be playing the Shoreline and they won’t talk to us anymore. Ok so maybe they never talked to us before. But now that they’ll have throngs of scantily clad chicks offering them unspeakable sex acts, they really won’t talk to us. (But, FYI guys, I hear Inman gives better head than any 18-year-old in a miniskirt ever could.)

Anyway, they have a record release party coming up at the Mezzanine Wednesday the 19th. Go see them. Love them. Buy their CD. Buy another one for your roommate to thank him for finally doing his damn dishes. As if we haven’t said it enough before, Birdmonster’s great live (even though they still haven’t answered our prayers and turned “Resurrection Song” into a 12-minute electro-rock-out-jamfest). If our praises alone aren’t reason enough to convince you to show up, one of the songs on the new album was written by my co-worker when she was in the fifth grade. No joke.