Animal Collective


My god that was a long nap.

This should go up, because it kicks ass. Animal Collective live from Washington D.C., dude. Recorded by NPR with that totally tripped out host who just blows his load during each show (seriously, listen to how excited he gets), ripped by the good folks over at Collected Animals who continue to be the best fans in the world.

I saw them a few weeks back, and this is very similar to the set list they played. Except we got Chores, suckers.


image blatantly stolen from Brooklyn Vegan

There still seems to be a little bit of confusion as to the name of several of the songs, and there should be. Most are new. My suggestion: don’t worry about it, dude.

These are hosted by FileDen because EZ Archive screwed us, so hopefully it all works out for downloads. Also, we’ll try and make regular updates now that we’re all awake. I can’t promise we’ll be sober though, you know how it is.

Animal Collective from the 9:30 Club
September 28, 2007

Dancer with the Flowers in Her Hair
Little Girl (I Don’t Need) / House?
Walk Around with You / Bearhug?
Who Could Win a Rabbit
(chatter with crowd)
Pan Flute Jam
Daily Routine
Brother Sport
No More Runnin
Unsolved Mysteries
Leaf House
(more chatter)
We Tigers



Animal Collective is fucking awesome live.

Yes, it’s true bro-dudes and chick-dudes, Animal Collective are some serious ass-kickin’ mind-meltin’ fools onstage. The shows are very popular among fans because, well, it’s a lot of noise that they can’t get anywhere else. I suppose it’s a bit of a mind fuck for people hoping to get a full helping of “Feels” when they see them, but that’s okay because they should be so out of their gourd at an AC show that it shouldn’t matter.


Peace Bone. Reverend Green. Safer. Street Flash.

These songs are really some of their best work and in my mind, work so well live that they should probably never even be committed to vinyl, plastic, cassette, papyrus, or whatever the fuck else can make sound.

img_3033.JPGIn fact, seeing some of their studio stuff (except for Banshee Beat and We Tigers) live just doesn’t compare with these newer tracks. Sure, it’s always nice to be able to scream out “Never met a girl who likes to drink with horses, knows her Chinese ballet!” at a show, but I prefer to stand in stunned silence, mouth agape. Just like I do with pretty much everything, bro.

Now that I’ve collected a few shows, Sung Tongs and Feels don’t really get the spins they used to–the live stuff is that much better. Plus, after listening to the shows that much more, I can sing along next time I see them.

Why do I post these shows? I post them for you. But this one’s actually for Lindy. (By the way the picture above right is from Coachella 2006.)

Animal Collective @ Variety Playhouse
Atlanta, Georgia    March 19, 2006

1. Flesh Canoe
2. Fireworks/Allman Vibe
3. Peace Bone
4. The Purple Bottle
5. Safer
6. Reverend Green
7. Cuckoo
8. Chores
9. Grass
10. Street Flash
11. Banshee Beat
12. We Tigers

Special thanks to the folks at Collected Animals for the show. AC fans are the best. Also – just noticed this post looks eerily similar to a post on Kwaya Na Kisser, one of the best music blogs out there. I assure you, the stars or planets or comets were aligned and on fire or something, because it was a total fucking coincidence.  

If there are any mistakes in there, just leave a comment–WordPress is acting buggy.


By popular demand, and by that I mean the voices in my head, I’m posting a Peace Bone mp3 and lyrics. These lyrics were taken off a message board, and someone (insert credit here) did a heck of a job deciphering Avey Tare. Pat yourself on the back, or wherever else makes you feel good.

Peace Bone/We Tigers (Live) – Animal Collective

My peace bone got found in a dinosaur wing
Jumped in all over the mules and slowly shrinking
Its was a jugular vein in a juggler’s girl
It was supposedly leakin most interesting colors

Went out from my fingers
And lived in the sand

Bluegrass and letters
That you used to go get broccoli
Otherside of takeout Still do alright (or our rice)

Cuz my obsession with the past is like a kid fight
Few things are related to the old times
When we didn’t believe in magic and we didn’t die
This time the words that you should follow went you’re inside
We want you inside

Because you’re inside

But the monster was happy cause you made him a maze
Cause he don’t understand intentions he just looks at your face
And then the bubbles exploded and tickled the bath
Oh all the birds were very curious and all the fish were at the surface

Laugh at me waiting for the soul to get calm
Im like a pelican at red tide, a vision like a fisherman
A blow out does not mean I’ll have a good night

Well I start in a hose and I end in a yard
And when I feel like I’m stealing my feet are so hard
The pace that you’re cookin could demolish a clown
We went from castles to get to mountains and all the mountains you haven’t seen

The bear in your heart
Was a new kind of sound
When you have to go to New York
To make your heads and tails mean anything
To find out that you can’t ask out And maybe to cry
When you’re obsession with the past is like a kid fight

Dude, this is so fucked. I totally wrote this reviewish thing, like, hmmmm, three weeks ago? But, you know, my computer ate it. Or something. My boss is totally riding me to get something up about the show and says that all I did was sit on the couch and eat catnip all day. I mean, who told him?

Now I have to piece together my smokey memories and actually try and remember the show. I could barely remember it while it was going on, I was so far whacked out on the feline green. I will say this: Animal Collective was like, rad. I know it must have been hard for the suit-types to really capture the essence of the band, who jumped around like beautiful kangaroos and yelped like coyotes on peyote, but I, as a member of wonderful mother Earth and friends with nature, fully dug it.

No, YOU are insane.

Though "Banshee Beat" and "Grass" blew my mind, it was "We Tigers" that was worth the price of admission those forest-raping bastards Clear Channel charged. You simply haven't lived until you've seen it performed live. I'm assuming that the band is consantly on mushrooms (like most of the audience), and I've never heard a song more accurately portray the wonders of a psilocybic trip. At one point beautiful, at one point terrifying, and at one point melting. Seriously, if you've never done 'shrooms before, just listen to that song and close your eyes. You will see God. Or Satan. Or more likely, the two of them playing a game of Battleship.

God: "B1 through B4. That's your destroyer. C6, D6, and E6. That's your submarine. Do you want to continue this?"

Satan: "Eat me, bitch."

Someone was kind enough to post a video of "We Tigers" live at SXSW. Of course I'm supposed to able to embed the thing here, but it don't work. Here's another, with a new song before "We Tigers." The new song is called "Peace Bone" and it's quickly becoming my favorite AC song ever, and all I've heard are these shitezen bootlegs. I know the video is dark, but if you were there you were probably screaming and trying to scratch the demons off of your face anyway and couldn't see.

Animal Collective – The Purple Bottle (acoustic-ish)

See you lunatics at Coachella!


For those of you who are more indoor cats, there is this annual outdoor music festival called Coachella. It’s generally a piss poor American attempt to replicate some of the awesome British festivals that have made festivaling very festive. Anyway, it’s much better than Lollapaloozers and Woodstock (side note: why were there no cats in Peanuts? Charles M. Schultz – sounds German. Germans are racists. Fuck you Chuck, rot in hell!). However, it’s still not a festival as one would hope. I mean, there will still be frat boys and it’s really fucking hot. And I ain’t shaving my fur, my penis has barbs. BARBS!

However, being the oh-so fucking connected cat I am, I may get a chance for a free ride down there. If that happens, I’ll be going. Which means I get to bad mouth every fucking band there because I’m a pseudo-intellectual asshole who thinks that music can be described with big words and off-topic ramblings about my formative college years. Sorry, I thought I was Pitchfork for a second. Hopefully it will just mean pictures.

So now I set forth the task of figuring out which of the acts I see and which I don’t. It’s much trickier than one would expect. I went to The Reading fucking Festival in 1997, and I have to say there was a lot to see there, and some preeny wussy bands that I don’t like to admit I listen to fucking blew the non-existent roof off the stage. It’s shocking really. I recently had a conversation with another person down at the old watering hole about seeing bands live, and I took the position that it’s pretty easy to tell which bands are good live before you even see them. And while I believe that for the most part, I also know first-hand that it’s bullshit. So while she took the part of “You won’t know unless you see them” I said “Fuck you, I’m going to need three kinds of crystal meth to keep me awake while Clap Your Hands Say Yeah plays.”

Now, I’m more pretentious than that cunt on the Fancy Feast commercials, but thankfully I was only a kitten back in 1997 and didn’t know shit about shit. I was the kind of cat that would scratch the sand first then poop. I had it all backwards. I mean, I still had enough sense to ditch the third day entirely when Metallica and Marilyn Manson were headlining a Sunday metal day, but I still saw some bands I would never have seen.

Take for example James. You remember James. Best known for the line “She only comes when she’s on top” followed by some yodeling where Tim Booth sounds like he has testicles in his mouth, which he likely did. Anyway, they came on to the stage and pretty much were the highlight of the festival for me. Showmanship, I believe they call it. And by showmanship, I mean sequined shirts, each a different color (all the colors of the rainbow, hint hint) and energy that can only come from feeling comfortable in a sequined shirt. I’m a longtime closet James fan, back when I could listen to “Gold Mother” front-to-back, so I knew most of the songs. It wasn’t even that magic hour of dusk or night when lights enhance the experiment, they just came on, all seven or eight of them, and did it. One of the other bands that smashed it? Suede! Who woulda thunk it!? Although if I did as much blow and hot models as Bret Anderson was doing, I’d feel obligated to put on a show for the fans, too.

So now, citing those two instances, I admit I was wrong. But I would never admit that to her face.

Obviously, times haven’t been set for Coachella(they have, but they don’t want to advertise them because the sensitive types won’t buy tickets because Ladytron and TV on the Radio are playing at the same time), so this is all just stabs in the proverbial dark. Without further ado, my projected 2006 Coachella path:

Saturday, April 29

Early: Sleep in after biting scruff the night before.

Afternoon: The Zutons. They seem like a fun band live. Plus, 19-year old kids from the UK are always good for an entertaining show. However, they had better be absolutely shitcanned. Ever wonder if young British rockers have to adhere to the drinking age limit here in the US? They don’t. I once went backstage with my friend Nicoletta after a Supergrass show in Albany, NY, when the kids were like 12-years old or something, and Gaz Coombs and company were pounding Budweisers and smoking joints. Their chicks were disappointingly disappointing, however. I guess the premium poon comes with age and experience. At that time, their big claim to fame was that “Alright” was in Clueless. Side rant: I had no idea that I would end up wanting to bang Brittany Murphy so much more than Stacy Dash and the other chicks when i saw that film the first time. But it was only some heroin and a slutty makeover away. Thanks Brittany!

Others: Lyrics Born (I know I know…), Eagles of Death Metal, Deerhoof (just because for some reason I KNOW I’m supposed to like them even though I don’t get them)

Early Evening: The Walkmen. I want to see them play “Thinking of a Dream” really really badly. And plus I don’t think they’ll attract as many people as other bands. I’m not sure why, but they really should be much more popular than they are. I guess indie bands that actually rock have a harder time selling to the crowd, which makes no sense. Just look at the Wrens. Mmmmm… Wrens.

Others: Just the Walkmen.

Dusk: Animal Collective. This is arguably the most important slot of the night. Scratch that, it IS unarguably the most important slot of the night. And this one is going to be tricky, cuz who knows when Coachella will set times, and who knows when the sun will set? That kind of info can only be attained through voodoo and black magic. There’s no doubt that NO other band in the two-day lineup, with the exception of My Morning Jacket and Sigur Ros, deserves this spot more than AC. I’m biting my tongue on this a bit, because I haven’t even seen them live. But I’ll see them in 2 weeks, so I will probably run out of the show and yell “Told you so!” to all of you reading this right now. I don’t like to be wrong. If I’m ever “wrong,” it’s because I’m hustling you. You have been warned. But back to topic, there’s only one time of the day that’s better to listen to AC–Sunrise.

Others: Tosca

Night: My Morning Jacket. Did you see photos of the stage of their last tour?? That’s enough to know that the show will be good, even though the only plants left on stage will be whatever marijuana remains in their hippy beards. The problem is they could end up playing at the same time as Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, which would mean I wouldn’t be able to go see them and wish I were watching My Morning Jacket because I will be watching My Morning Jacket and glad I’m not watching Clap Your Hands Say Yeah.

Others: Clap Your Hands Say Yeah (so what if I’m a hypocrite), Ladytron. HA! Just kidding! I wouldn’t even sit on Ladytron’s lap if it had fois gras and Jessica Alba in a cat suit.

Late Night: Likely to be the last show for those not completely high on E or snorting coke through dirt-crusted nostrils. And what better band to see than Sigur Ros? This band probably even has the power to make even that meaty UC Irvine junior wearing a white baseball cap backwards shutup. Last time I saw them I was on the verge of slitting my wrists because I just wanted to die right there. I’ll bring the razors and chocolate.

Late Late Night: Daft Punk. IT’S FUCKING DAFT PUNK!

Of course, there is the chance that all these bands will play before noon, and the only fun times I’ll have is hoping Depeche Mode falls down the stairs and trying to poison Cat Power.

Sunday’s projected lineup coming soon.

Animal Collective – Banshee Beat

There’ll be time to get by to get dry after the swimming pool
There’ll be time to just cry i wonder why it didnt work out
There’ll be time to fish fry for letters by yours truly
Yours truly   

Someone in my dictionary’s up to no good
I never find the very special words I should
So I have another party with a water glass
and I sit on all your actions its a birthing game
and I’ll bet he needs a shower cause hes just like me
and the soldiers in the painting know your secret face
Well your parrot told me just how I can make you smile
Gonna let you do your thinking if you need awhile
but what I gave you made him get mad
A little bit funny how a thing like that
Could travel from one mouth in through another
and the next thing you know you gotta hear it from your brother and
The words they sting like a stump of old wasps
Remember when I said go throw the rock in there
and we ran through the woods to our good house
You forgot about the things that he could say like
I dont think that I like you anymore
Well I found new feelings at the feeling store
and I cant find you at our kissing place
and im scared of those new pair of eyes you have

So I duck out and go down to find the swimming pool
Hop a fence, leave the street and wet my feet I’ll find a swimming pool
Cause when I’m snuffed out I doubt I’ll find a swimming pool
Hop a fence, leave the street and wet my feet I’ll find a swimming pool

But I don’t wish that I was dead
A very old friend of mine once said
that either way you look at it you have your fits
I have my fits but feeling is good
confusions not a kiddney stone in my brain
but if were miscommunicating do we feel the same?
Then either way you look at it you have your fits
I have my fits but feeling is good

You gotta give a little you gotta get a little bit