Yeah, yeah… been a while. Here's what little I remember about a few shows I saw a ways back.

The National @ The Independent

First off, I'll say this. "Alligator" is one of those albums that you listen to and you meow, "Man! This album is great! Definitely a candidate for Album of the Year. Definitely."

Then, when someone later purrs, "So, do you think 'Alligator' will win album of the year?" You reply, "No fucking way."

It's that good. It's really good. It's just not really that good. It would be the same way with a Sparklehorse album or newer Belle & Sebastian stuff.

Either way, perhaps I was expecting more, but The National were merely decent live. I really was hoping for that whole Galaxie 500/Luna/Dean Wareham push that the band somehow gets associated with at times, but it never really happened.

I will say this though, "Abel" was amazing live. As was "Mr. November." Okay, maybe they were better than decent. Maybe I was on my man-period. Manstruating.

In their defense, the singer was sick. In a related note, the band has a singer. He just sings. I did not know that.

What? You want bad pictures? OK!

IMG_3009.jpg IMG_3005.jpg IMG_3004.jpg

The Brunettes @ Cafe Du Nord

I was lucky to catch The Brunettes during their tour with Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, without having to endure fans drooling all over CYHSY and getting hard-ons over Brooklyn's finest. The Brunettes opened for CYHSY for two nights, then headlined a show at cozy Cafe Du Nord.

A little background on The Brunettes. They're from New Zealand, they're like a five or six-piece, and they've been around longer than you think. A little background on New Zealand. Apparently, not everyone there is blonde, strawberry blonde, or sandy blonde. Some are brunette.

promo_3_preview.jpg    heather_lg.jpg    promo_2.jpg
Someone please Photoshop my face over Jonathan's. I'll have you one way or another, Heather.

One more thing you should know about The Brunettes. Heather is so freaking hot that the front row got sunburn. Seriously, when I saw her sitting at the bar alone, I said to myself, "Hey, I think that's that chick from The Brunettes." I stalked her for about 15 minutes (stalk = stood slackjawed) before I chatted her up (in my mind). We now have three kids and are happily married.

Our imaginary matrimony didn't stop her from turning towards frontman Jonathan every five minutes and gazing adoringly at him, a look I long to receive from her one of these days. The hearts and tweetie birds and lollipops she was sending Jonathan effectively blunted the daggers and dynamite and anthrax that I was sending his way, because he did not dop dead. Some guys get all the luck. You guys just wait.

Oh yeah, they were quite good I thought. And yes, they did do the Mary Kate and Ashley thing with the masks. I can also confirm that "adorable" and "cute" are apt descriptions of the band and its music.

Belle & Sebastian @ A shithole of a venue

Those Scotland kids played a show, I think. I'm not quite sure what happened. They would have been better served playing in my litterbox than that piece of shit venue called the Concourse. If you ever see a show there, don't forget to bring a gun so you can shoot yourself in the face.

If you want more details, check out what my stupid ass owner wrote.