Brian Jonestown Massacre


Saw the Dilettantes a few days ago at Mezzanine in San Francisco. They were playing as part of the California Homegrown Series, a monthly free show for Bay Area bands. Birdmonster played last month, and The Cuts headlined this night.

The Dilettantes are Joel Gion’s band. If you saw Dig!, then you’ll know him as the tambourine-playing ball of energy from The Brian Jonestown Massacre. You’ll recall that towards the end of the movie he was, like everyone in BJM, sick of the strife and tension caused by Anton Newcombe and wanted to do more than just play the fucking tambourine.

He got his wish. Joel is now the lead singer for The Dilettantes… and he plays tambourine. Very well, I migt add.

They started off pretty slow, but picked up a lot of slack with their second half of the set. My online dicitionary says that a synonym for “dilettante” is “amateur.” That’s about right. They do have a couple really good tracks though, and will hopefully build on those and stop fucking around. It’s a liver, not an alcohol and drug locker, Joel.

How was the rest of the show? I don’t know. I was too busy playing Hangcat and getting a perfect score on “catheter” even when my opponent misspelled it. And that, my friends, is why I will always remember The Dilettantes.

There are songs for download from The Brian Jonestown Massacre site, but they’re in the “ogg” format. Whaaaaa? So here’s a Brian Jonestown Massacre song instead.

Brian Jonestown Massacre – Not if You Were the Last Dandy on Earth

A few photos:



Aye, it’s troo I nearly killed Susie Vomit (read ‘er whine, errr, rant below). B’sides, all I done was tell her to smash a beer bottle over his head and scream “Dandy’s Rule, ok!?” But it’s Anton fookin’ Newcombe. He’s a crazy one that is. He’s linked to me myspace page and spams the bulletin boards ramblin’ on and on about that soddin’ US president. Take this recent post:

when you think about the amount of money “we” are spending on protecting king george on his trip to india,about how many people are starving in india,and the fact that
atleast 30,000 people are still waiting for their mobil homes from fema after katrina…           
 couldn’t bush just fly the indian priminister here?
no,that’s not cool.
it’s not like george needs to fly halfway across the planet to prove he isn’t really a fucking idiot.he is.
everyone knows that right?this is so cool right?no it’s not…it’s fucking sick. 

it’s perverse really.                  

do you think anyone in america really cares?
why should they,we’re spending over 100,000 dollars a minute in iraq.

fuck george’s time to replace him.

anton alfred newcombe”






Generally, blokes who sign off with their middle names are fookin’ lunatics. Like birds who hyphenate their names. Loony tunes! But Anton makes his point. He hates George Bush. How can anyone call him crazy after that? Great song on his myspace page, though.

Last night, Inman tried to get me killed. Death by ridiculous rock star. Could there be a worse way to go?