Man. Being busy sucks. Not much time to write, but this was the set list at Feist’s show at the Fillmore on September 8, 2006. Well, best I can remember.  

When I Was a Young Girl
Sally’s Song (aka Four Teenage Boys)
Secret Heart
So Sorry
Feel it All
(some song about the Ocean)
One Evening
Inside and Out
Fighting Away the Tears
The Build Up
Sea Lion
Let it Die

There was a tap dancer, a guest vocalist from the audience (whoa Sarah, good job!). She (Feist, not Sarah) wasn’t wearing white pants, but she was still a knockout. Feist, one word for you: Zoophilia.

Live Feist things:
Feist – Secret Heart (Live 89.3 The Current)
Feist – Sally’s Song (Live at Park West)
Feist – Nothin’ In the World Can Stop Me Warryin’ Bout That Girl (Kinks cover – Live)

The entire Park West is available at the most excellent rbally Web site.


Now I like pussy just as much as the next pussycat, but every once in a while I see something that just works purrrrfectly. Can anyone other than Linda Carter wear the Wonder Woman outfit? Ask the fat sluts during Halloween. Can anyone say “Fuck” like Liz Phair? Short answer: No fucking way.

The latest pure ownership comes courtesy of Feist, the plucky Canadian songstress and vocalist for Broken Social Scene. I’ve scene pictures of her and thought she’d do alright. But I saw her play live in San Francisco, wearing some white jeans, and that was it. I was in love. Feist, you had me at “I’m wearing white pants.”

                                                 Feist 2

See what I mean from BSS on Conan O’Brien (courtesy of Goldenfiddle.com).