I’ve kind of been internalizing alot recently, which means all my friends think I’m a dick, when really all I want to do is listen to music by myself. Yeah, you know the word. There are a few songs that are particularly sticking out right now, all of which are relatively new to me. Ahhh who am I kidding, I’m bored at work and needed a reason to post. YES I’M CRANKY SOBER!

Destroyer – Here Comes the Night destroyer.jpg
This song reminds me of everything I wanted to listen to back in the mid-90s. It just sounds…old. Maybe it’s the quality of the MP3 or something, but it’s a total trip in the way-back machine. Plus–“Here Comes the Night?” Totally anthem. And totally dark. But it’s the 4:20 (hee hee) mark that really kicks the song into another gear…the bass tumbles into the riff it has been teasing for the whole song and everything just goes to another level. SHUTUP! I’m listening to this song!

Lyrics–I know what Dan Bejar is saying but I have no idea what he is saying.

All the skies opened up and now they’re mentioning your name
In connection with a drowning when you’re just saying: “Ah, let it come down!”

So you stole that Schwinn to ride into the Winner’s Circle of the Sun
Now Mile-End is claiming:”You’re one of those!
Take off those clothes! You’re one of them!”
But you won’t!

I couldn’t turn around, I couldn’t wrap my head around it
Best to forget that things change. Hanging outside in the rain is OK.
I walked into the festival. Did these cacophonies please you?
(They please me too)
Back when we still had our sight
But don’t look now, people… Here comes the night! Here comes the night!

I heard those traps you’ve been living off of and on have come undone
I heard you only poach to save your children. Well save it…
‘Cause a real thief! thief! thief! thief! thief! thief! thieves!

I couldn’t turn around, or phrase it as a question
‘Cause when it comes to that prize a temple your size was too big
I walked into Festival (I know you know The Festival)
of Symphonies pleased you…(They pleased me too)
Back when we still had our sight
But don’t look now, Angel…
Here comes the night! Here comes the night!

The Foundry Field Recordings – Buried Beneath the Winter Frames 924-1130798947.jpg
Talk about stumbling onto a gem. Heard this on WOXY and it was lust at first sound. Initially (after the somewhat curiously placed drum intro) it sounds like a shnazzed up version of Broken Social Scene’s “Swimmers” because they both use the same rhythm, but it quickly turns into a countryside stroll. Soon to appear on every single mix tape I make in the near future. SHUTUP! I’m listening to this song!

Lyrics–By ear, so they’re probably VERY wrong

Don’t carry on
Don’t count me out
We’re buried beneath the winter frames
And then all gone

Then it rained for an hour
Caused the shift in power
The next one sticks and stones
and then all gone

Nobody knows who you are
And I want to see it again

If you always get up late
You’re never gonna be on time
If you always get up late
You’re never gonna be on time
(ok – that’s “Swimmers” but still, it’d make a great mash-up)

Akron/Family – Gone Beyond
akron1marq.jpgAnother tune I can’t get enough of at the moment is the leaked song from Akron/Family’s upcoming album, Meek Warrior. It’s pretty much everything I hoped it would be–just a taste of what’s coming up. A simple campfire song that shows off the band’s ability to throw layer upon layer a groove, culminating in their trademark four-person harmonies. I’m still unconvinced that all these guys can sing, when put together it’s unlike anything else I’ve heard. Dammit! SHUTUP I SAID! I’m listening to this song!

Lyrics–again from ear but you’d have to be really tripping your balls off to not know them

Gone, gone, gone beyond
Gone completely beyond.

And so am I.



By popular demand, and by that I mean the voices in my head, I’m posting a Peace Bone mp3 and lyrics. These lyrics were taken off a message board, and someone (insert credit here) did a heck of a job deciphering Avey Tare. Pat yourself on the back, or wherever else makes you feel good.

Peace Bone/We Tigers (Live) – Animal Collective

My peace bone got found in a dinosaur wing
Jumped in all over the mules and slowly shrinking
Its was a jugular vein in a juggler’s girl
It was supposedly leakin most interesting colors

Went out from my fingers
And lived in the sand

Bluegrass and letters
That you used to go get broccoli
Otherside of takeout Still do alright (or our rice)

Cuz my obsession with the past is like a kid fight
Few things are related to the old times
When we didn’t believe in magic and we didn’t die
This time the words that you should follow went you’re inside
We want you inside

Because you’re inside

But the monster was happy cause you made him a maze
Cause he don’t understand intentions he just looks at your face
And then the bubbles exploded and tickled the bath
Oh all the birds were very curious and all the fish were at the surface

Laugh at me waiting for the soul to get calm
Im like a pelican at red tide, a vision like a fisherman
A blow out does not mean I’ll have a good night

Well I start in a hose and I end in a yard
And when I feel like I’m stealing my feet are so hard
The pace that you’re cookin could demolish a clown
We went from castles to get to mountains and all the mountains you haven’t seen

The bear in your heart
Was a new kind of sound
When you have to go to New York
To make your heads and tails mean anything
To find out that you can’t ask out And maybe to cry
When you’re obsession with the past is like a kid fight

Animal Collective – Banshee Beat

There’ll be time to get by to get dry after the swimming pool
There’ll be time to just cry i wonder why it didnt work out
There’ll be time to fish fry for letters by yours truly
Yours truly   

Someone in my dictionary’s up to no good
I never find the very special words I should
So I have another party with a water glass
and I sit on all your actions its a birthing game
and I’ll bet he needs a shower cause hes just like me
and the soldiers in the painting know your secret face
Well your parrot told me just how I can make you smile
Gonna let you do your thinking if you need awhile
but what I gave you made him get mad
A little bit funny how a thing like that
Could travel from one mouth in through another
and the next thing you know you gotta hear it from your brother and
The words they sting like a stump of old wasps
Remember when I said go throw the rock in there
and we ran through the woods to our good house
You forgot about the things that he could say like
I dont think that I like you anymore
Well I found new feelings at the feeling store
and I cant find you at our kissing place
and im scared of those new pair of eyes you have

So I duck out and go down to find the swimming pool
Hop a fence, leave the street and wet my feet I’ll find a swimming pool
Cause when I’m snuffed out I doubt I’ll find a swimming pool
Hop a fence, leave the street and wet my feet I’ll find a swimming pool

But I don’t wish that I was dead
A very old friend of mine once said
that either way you look at it you have your fits
I have my fits but feeling is good
confusions not a kiddney stone in my brain
but if were miscommunicating do we feel the same?
Then either way you look at it you have your fits
I have my fits but feeling is good

You gotta give a little you gotta get a little bit