Meow Mix Tape


It’s another mix tape-ish type of thing! But it’s actually a CD! But Meow Mix Tape sounds so much better than Meow Mix CD!¬†Anymeow (<– oh my god that’s the funniest thing I’ve ever written ever), here’s the info.


Date: Hmm… good question. Maybe Late July? I don’t know.

Who: Sweet, sweet Emily. Awwww… she’s so cute.

Why: General kindness of my own heart.

Name: See mood.

Delivered: By hand. At her work. Rather non-chalantly.

Situation: This one incubated for a while. Pulled a bunch of tracks on and off repeatedly, ended up with a jumbled mess.

Mood: The purpose of this CD is to facilitate what I call the “80-minute wake-up.” Sometimes, it’s best to wake up, but not get out of bed for like 2 hours. This CD is designed to keep people in bed, but let them get out of it feeling like the world isn’t actually a giant piece of shit. Think of nothing, listen to everything, love life. That kind of hippy shit.


1. Dios Malos – “You Make Me Feel Uncomfortable”
Em said she wanted some Dios Malos, so here it is. Mellow, but not mellow enough to go right back to sleep to. Also, nothing like a song about needing a bit more space to get you going in the morning (or in Emily’s case, the afternoon.)

2. Tunng – “People Folk”
Man, this song kicks so much ass and goes nowhere. I love it. Has some weird workman’s like ethic thing going with it, which is why it’s in the “you eventually have to get out of bed and get some shit done today” slot. Meant to be listened to with the window open.
Tunng – People Folk

3. Mum – “We Have a Map of the Piano”
Probably my favorite song on the CD. This song is what makes everything in life great-not many other songs prettier than this one out there. A nice track to just zone out to. If you ever catch me listening to this song, please, do not talk to me.
Mum – We Have a Map of the Piano

4. Spiritualized – “The Slide Song”
Okay, did I say the last song was my favorite? Well, this is also my favorite. Didn’t think it was possible, but this song is even prettier than the last. God, what kind of man am I where I am calling things “pretty.” Let’s try that again. Dude, this song is cool, yeah man… like rad. Anymeow (hee hee), spent my entire junior and senior years listening to this song. In fact, this is the song that made me a Spiritualized freak, and in turn, changed my life. Man, I am such a pussy.

5. Vetiver – “Double”
This is the third in a killer set of songs that are just meant to cripple Emily. This is also the song that I wouldn’t make the CD without. It starts off innocently enough, just a nice psychedelic nap in the park. But when the strings really hit, it absolutely slays me. Andy Cabic is an incredible songwriter who just pours his heart out in every song, and in doing so says how we all feel. A fucking tear-jerker.

6. Stars – “Your Ex-Lover is Dead”
A Louder Pussycat favorite. Not much to say here except that after listening to these last four songs in a row, the world seems alright, doesn’t it?

7. Sparklehorse featuring Vic Chestnut- “Sunshine”
Suzie may hate Vic Chestnut, but the man absolutely delivers. Like “The Slide Song,” this is the track that got me into Sparklehorse, even though it isn’t Mark Linkous singing. It’s hard to tell whether this song was meant to be happy or sad, but I’ve always thought of it as happy-lay-on-your-back-in-the-park. It now dons on me that there is sort of a sunshine theme going on with this CD, which was unintentional but perfect-o at the same time.

8. Pinback – “Lyon”
Another song that begs the question, “Happy? Sad?” And once again, I’ve always seen it as happy, maybe in that “God damn I just finished a marathon and I’m so fucking exhausted and I think I’m going to die” happy, but nonetheless happy. I mean honestly, what the fuck good is a mixed CD with a bunch of depressing songs? And don’t ask me about the chorus “Pave the way for the manta ray,” because I have no idea, man. Rob Crow is a lunatic.

9. The Earlies – “Lows”
I’m a huge fan of instrumentals, like I’m a huge fan of people shutting the fuck up. The moment says so much more than anything else, so please, shut your cat nip hole. Just one of several stellar tracks from an incredible album. Works perfectly as the mid-way point on the CD, and really sets the whole lucid dream thing this CD is supposed to promote.

10. Fruitbats – “Rainbow Sign”
I kind of really wanted to put “Dragonships” in here, but a song talking about Vikings doing a lot of drugs just didn’t fit as well. A fantastic, layered song with a great payoff. Could have been written in the late 60’s, but sounds great now. Timeless.

11. Broken Social Scene – “Major Label Debut (Live on KCRW)”
Jesus, just listen to Feist.

12. The Morning After Girls – “Chasing Us Under”
After putting this on, I kind of thought it was a bit hard for the CD, but it probably hits the mood on the head better than any of the other songs on here. This is pretty much the ultimate “screw waking up I’m hanging out in bed for a few more hours” song, because it really has some weird sense of accomplishment. By listening to this song, one feels okay to cross off a few things on the To Do List. Take out the trash? Well, I listened to “Chasing Us Under,” check!

13. Wilco – “I am Trying to Break Your Heart”
Gah… reality is a bitch. Still, one of the dreamiest out there. Best song of the decade? Probably.
Jeff Tweedy – I am Trying to Break Your Heart (Live)

14. Yo La Tengo – “How to Make a Baby Elephant Float”
Probably should have been the last track, as it’s a great way to actually start the day. Probably the point at which you should sit up and begin looking around. Why is it that the husband and wife team of Ira and Georgia just make their songs sound so much more real? This band could never sell another record again and be so fucking happy.

15. Akron/Family – Shoes”
Okay, time to lay back down. “As you approach the sun… it rains on everyone. You float awayyyyyyyyy…” Couldn’t have said it better myself, you goddamn hippies.

16. Animal Collective – “Loch Raven”
Not a real instrumental, but I always considered it one. AC makes such beautiful sounds… it’s kind of like music just sort of happens in their songs as a side effect. This track in particular is just one of those songs that makes me stop in my tracks. Is it about love? About drugs? About peanut butter? I don’t know, but it sounds rad.

17. Spiritualized – “Stay With Me”
Once again I broke my rule of only one song per artist per mixed CD. But it’s Spiritualized. This song is a plea from the bed. Lay back down and start the CD over.



Welcome to the first edition of the Meow Mix Tape chronicles. We here at Louder, Pussycat are really great to have as friends. Not only do we groom ourselves 37 times a day, we also are exceedingly philanthropic and give the gift of music, often for no reason at all. Just because we like you. Well not you in particular, but whoever gets the mix. Although you are OK, seriously, I mean that.

So here's how the whole Meow Mix Tape thing works. I type out the mix. Explain the situation. That's it.


Date: February 12, 2006

Who: A friend who has moved to that gawd awful place known as New York City.

Why: Because I'm not-so secretly in love with her. And because to hell with her for moving.

Name: Inside joke. Mostly with myself.

Delivered: By hand, on a recent visit.

Situation: I had about 2 hours to put this together, and could only use songs from my home iToonces, limiting my selection. But I think it turned out decent.

Mood: Well, the last one I made was kind of mushy, so this needed some upbeat tunes. Of course there are all kinds of hidden messages in there, I wasn't about to let her off that easily.


1. Dios Malos – "Starting Five"
This instantly get things off on a perfect start. It's poppy enough to really just say "Hey dude, haven't seen you in a while. How's it going?" Plus it starts off with the lyrics "If I want I'll take you back, If I want I won't look back," which gives the false illusion that I have the upper hand.

2. Feist – "Intuition"
As you can see, upbeat didn't last too long. However, when making a Meow Mix Tape (now on CD!), it's very important that the second song be a gift for them. They have to like the second song, otherwise you lose their trust. I guarantee she digs this song. It paves the way for me to show the listener what else they'll like.

3. Stars – "Your Ex-Lover is Dead"
First, let's just say this is one of the most heart-wrenching yet warm songs out there. It's all about the awkwardness of seeing someone again. The point being a reminder of everything that had happened. I haven't forgotten. Third song is like the third batter in a baseball lineup. It should hit for both power and average. "Live through this, and you won't look back." That line tears me apart. If the first song was mine and the second song was hers, then the third song is ours. And you thought making a mix was just about putting on cool songs.

4. The Black Keys – "10 A.M. Automatic"
Okay, time to lighten the mood again. Kind of like when someone walks in the room when you're about to make out with someone for the first time. While that hasn't really happened to me, but I see it in the movies all the time, so it must be happening all the time. Plus, for some reason Blues-tinged rock always reminds me of her. Something inherently sexy about dirty, Southern rock.

5. Film School – "Pitfalls"
This one was strictly for me. I had recently bought the Film School CD, and this is one of the standout tracks and most appropriate for this mix. It's also a fairly decent transition between The Black Keys and the next song, which is…

6. Akron/Family – "I'll be on the Water"
I would have loved to have put "Moment" or "Raising the Sparks" from the hippy-riffic boys from Brooklyn, but once again, this was the most appropriate for the mix. Plus, it's chick-friendly. "Thinking of you, there's lightning bolts in my chest." C'mon, even I know that's romantic.

7. Two Gallants – "Nothing to You"
This is the favorite band of one of her best friend's brother, who I occassionally see in the city. I gave them a whirl, and fell in love with this song, so I thought I would pass it along. I know it's a bit of a "fuck you" song, but it shouldn't be taken in that context.

8. Wolf Parade – "I'll Believe in Anything"
Okay, I'm not sure anyone else thinks this, but this has to be the most romantic song I've ever heard. I know it really doesn't sound like it, but it's most certainly about wanting to whisk someone away. "Give me your eyes, I need sunshine. Your blood, your bones, your voice, your ghost." This is definitely one of "her" songs. "Look at the trees, look at my face, look at the place far away from here."

9. Broken Social Scene – "Major Label Debut" (KCRW Session)
Back-to-back with "I'll Believe in Anything" would emotionally cripple even the most hardened tough guy. Plus Feist sounds fucking fantastic singing this. I've always wanted to put all three versions (album, fast, this acoustic one) on one mix, because they're entirely different and change the song completely. Soon.

10. Tapes 'n Tapes – "50s Parking"
Once again, I'm walking in on the make-out session with this one. This is my favorite song from my favorite new band. So listen to this, have a chuckle, and pretend like weren't just about to make out. Plus, great little metaphor about trying to find parking.

11. Brendan Benson – "Tiny Spark"
I used to think this song was just catchy, and then the lyrics really hit me one time. It's really has that I-can-do-anything feeling to it, like a lot of his songs have, but it takes it to the next level with the bridge. "When we break apart, and you take back your heart, and it aches in the dark, but it makes… a tiny spark." That kills me.

12. Matt Pond PA – "In the Aeroplane Over the Sea"
This song just follows Brendan Benson perfectly. That's ultimately why I chose this version over the Neutral Milk Hotel original. Matt Pond makes the song about as dreamy as any song can be. Plus it's about just being happy and letting the hard stuff go, man… just let it go, dude. It also just has this "Hey fuck it, that's life, bro" feel to it. And that, in a nutshell, is me.

13. The Clientele – "We Could Walk Together"
The dream continues with The Clientele. Why the hell these guys aren't more popular is beyond me. They are amazing and have some of the best guitar hooks I've ever heard, particularly in this song. If I were a girl, which I'm not (well ok, I'm neutered but that wasn't my choice), I'd be weak in the knees when he turns the hook over.

14. Fruit Bats – "Rainbow Sign"
Still dreaming. These last three songs are the part of the CD that should be an escape from the crush of Manhattan. I'll admit, I wanted to put on "Dragonships" because they sing about Vikings doing drugs, but it wasn't on my iToonces. But this works well.

15. Of Montreal – "Requiem ffor O.m.m.2"
This is without a doubt the most inappropriate song on the mix, but fuck it I said. Even as I handed the CD over, I thought about grabbing it back and replacing this song. But the chorus is just way too irresistable. I won't repeat it here, I need to retain some dignity.

16. Wilco – "Pick Up the Change"
We'll keep this between the two of us.

17. Moody Blues – "In Your Wildest Dreams"
C'mon! It's the Moody Blues! Obligatory old song that is way better than people give it credit for.

18. Broken Social Scene – "Anthems for a Seventeen-Year-Old Girl"
Nothing like going from old cheesiness to one of the heaviest songs out there. This is the beginning of wind-down time. The penultimate song should be one of the CD's strongest, and this is just about the best example ever. I know it's a crime to put two songs by the same artist on one mix, but I don't play by the rules. I'm a lawbreaker.

19. Animal Collective – "Winters Love"
The last song on a CD is definitely a "message song." Last time it was something ridiculously mushy, this time, it's a bit more philosophical. "Winters Love" is one of the most bizarre, happy songs I've ever heard. It's largely chants and melodies, with some lyrics that even I don't get. However, the lyrics are amazing even if they don't make sense. The 2:25 mark sends the song into orbit, really hammering home what I'm trying to convey. It just sounds like memories, if that makes sense–It's like regressing back to childhood. Either that or doing a bunch of mushrooms and bouncing around the meadow. Either way, both are supposed to be happy.

Hope you enjoy it.