Oooooohhhhhhhh yeah…

Went to this show the other day… well, a week ago. Sorry for the lack of everything on the site. We’ve been having issues with uploading files to some servers or someth–screw that, it sounds so boring. I was on an international jaunt around the world, sailing the shores off of the southern tips of South Africa and South America. There, that sounds much better.

Anyway, back to the psychedelic rock-and-fucking-roll, last week I caught Pink Mountaintops at (the?) Independent in San Fran. Opening was some decent band that was a little too happy (The Morning Benders from Berkeley) and another band with a dumb name (Darker My Love from Silverlake–reprezent reprezent!).

Darker My Love have hands.

Let me just say one thing. I refuse to even toy with the notion of listening to the band I Love You But I’ve Chosen Darkness simply because of their name. What is this?  A vampire film festival? So when I saw Darker My Love I understandably rolled my eyes (in theory, cats can’t actually roll their eyes).

BUT I got over myself and checked out some of their stuff and was pleasantly surprised. Super surprised. Like a level five OMG. They were sounding pretty damn good.

This is both how they look and sound.

Live was a completely different take… like that previous surprise I had (remember the one from the last paragraph) times eight and a half. They just threw it down loud and threw it down hard. It was like Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and Dead Meadow had a super baby that could save the world with guitar feedback and nine-minute jams. And their drummer is awesome–he must have gone through about 46 drumsticks.

The Pink Mountaintops followed, and they were good. I think they had smoke. Smoke is good. If you are an upcoming band looking for an extra edge, I totally recommend smoke. You know how people look cool smoking? Well multiply that times eight and a half. Coooooooocl. Okay that’s more like eight and three quarters, but these primitive keyboards don’t allow for partial letters.

Stephen McBean – the brains.

But back to the Pink Mountaintops, yeah they were pretty good. But they didn’t play “Leslie.”  I wish I had more to say. They were better than I thought they would be. Is that more specific? Lead dude Stephen McBean…you remember him from bands such as Black Mountain and Jerk With a Bomb. But seriously, they were good too.

Darker My Love at MySpace

Darker My Love – Helium Heels
Darker My Love – What’s a Man’s Paris (live)
Darker My Love – Summer is Here (live)
Darker My Love – Claws & Paws (live)
The last three tracks are from their live disc Mondays at Spaceland Vol 1:1. You should buy it. I did.

The Pink Mountaintops at MySpace (including a few free live downloads)

The Pink Mountaintops – Leslie
The Pink Mountaintops -Lord, Lets Us Shine