Crazy-ass Norwegian psychedelic space-rockers Serena-Maneesh played at Bottom of the Hill on Thursday. Which means my crazy psychedelic space-rockin’ ass was, like, so there. They were originally supposed to play two days, alternating a headling slot with locals Film School. However, inexplicably the two shows were cancelled and Film School bailed. Start your conspiracy theories now, but please, take a tab first. It makes conspiracies that much more lifelike.

Lame-ass picture of the BotH sign.

Serena was out and about before the show, because honestly, who knew what Serena Maneesh looked like? Well, maybe the one blonde who was like 6’8″ gave it away. The band looks exactly like one would expect them to–that is to say they look like Scandinavian drone/noise rockers. Slightly dated, but obviously uber-cool for Norway. Part Captain Jack Sparrow, part Liberace. 

Captain Fantastic and the sunglass posse.

The band got on to a thinned-out crowd, which I didn’t understand, and immediately they sounded a bit…off? I’ve seen several “wall of sound” type bands, and they always sound great. Serena should have been the same, but something was amiss. Hearing the whisperish vocals was a no-go–which was a total bummer, because they’re really important to their tunes.

I’m generally a terrible judge of sound quality for many reasons (well, mostly because I’m blasted out of my mind and end up hearing with my eyes–“ooh! Purple sounds great!”), but I’m pretty sure even I was right on this one. The band played a really short set (less than an hour?) and afterwards the two ladies in the band left the stage and retreated to their tour bus in a huff, before having a discussion with the sound man (did I see tears?). Rock-and-fucking-roll.

When the band was playing, however, it was absolutely insanity. Homeboy pretty much molested his guitar on stage, the blonde was pogo-ing with her bass, and the venue was absolutely draped in feedback. Wish I could hear them with good sound though.

I’m not going to pretend like I remember what songs they played, so I’ll just mention the following: Selina’s Melodie Fountain, Chorale Lick, Candlelighted (which sounded awesome, sound problems be damned), and Beehiver II. They did not, to my knowledge, play Drain Cosmetics. However, I have never been known to be knowledgable, so I’m sure they did.

Awful pics:

img_3126.JPG img_3127.JPG img_3125.JPG

EZ Archive is being a whore right now, so I don’t have any MP3s for ya. But you can listen to them on their Web site.