Okee dokee. Where to start? Saw Spiritualized’s Acoustic Mainlines show in San Francisco on Sunday. It was spectacular… though I don’t know if that would hold true for everyone. I’m guessing most people liked it, as the two non-Spiritualized cats I went with certainly enjoyed it.


Sorry, inside pic taken with cell phone.

Bimbo’s was pretty much a perfect place for the show, the crew assembled round tables on the floor with six chairs per. Or Purr! Ha get it? Someone shoot me now! Hint: order Maker’s Mark on the rocks with a coke back. You get gigantic glasses of Maker’s Mark. And that is a goooood thing.

I managed to grab THE setlist from the show, and I say THE setlist because it was Jason’s setlist. Yes, our eyes feast on the same thing. Soundwave liked it, too.


I’m not really going to write any proper review for the show. It just doesn’t seem right to. Yes, it was awesome. Yes, it was different than a rock/electric Spiritualized show. Yes, it was nice to see Jason in that sort of atmosphere. Other than that, the “new” stuff (stuff I didn’t know) was great, especially Soul on Fire and Baby I’m Just a Fool.

But here’s the above picture with comments.


I’m still looking for the legendary Salford show in a format I can download, but in the meantime, you can hear an Acoustic Mainlines show from a festival here. In the meantime, here’s some stuff thats sort of relevant.

Ben Gibbard – “Hold On”
A pretty horrible live cover by the Death Cab frontman. Way to go, Ben. You big jerk.
Particle – “I Think I’m in Love”
Surprisingly good live cover. Keeping it true to the material.
The Electric Mainline – “All Too Much”
The Electric Mainline – “Let Me Drift Away”
These guys stole their name from Spiritualized and sometimes steal the sound too.
Spacemen 3 – “Hey Man”
From Sound of Confusion
Spiritualized – “So Hot (Wash Away All of My Tears)”
Live – 1993



Spiritualized is coming back to the US.

Did you hear what I just said?


I’m usually one cool, calm, collected cat, but nuh-uh… not today. Yesterday I bought four tickets to the upcoming Acoustic Mainlines show on November 11 in San Francisco (also playing in LA the 12th and 13th – tix on sale in two days). It was one of the greatest days ever of my life (which happens to be life number 3 of 9).

In celebration of the show, I find it absolutely necessary to post this Acoustic Mainlines show from July at the Indian Summer Festival in Glasgow this past July.

I was very hesitant about the whole acoustic mainlines deal, as the live show is so damn good electricified, but I’m quickly turning the corner. Having not seen them with strings and a gospel choir for ten years (I was lucky enough to be at the Royal Albert Hall show), I’m eagerly anticipating this set.


Let’s all remember that Jason Pierce almost died a few years ago from a hard-to-explain illness and this is his first time back since that trying time. Jesus, that would have sucked.

The recording is so-so, but by far the best of the Acoustic Mainlines sets I’ve found (which honestly isn’t that many). Kind of interesting that you can hear the thump thump thump from a nearby dance tent during some of the really touching parts. That’s festival life for ya.

Spiritualized: Acoustic Mainlines
Indian Summer Festival in Glasgow
July 15, 2007

Sitting on Fire
Lord Let it Rain on Me
True Love Will Find You in the End
Cool Waves
Soul on Fire
Walking With Jesus
The Way I Feel
Feel So Sad
Anything More / Ladies and Gentleman We are Floating in Space
Broken Heart
I Think I’m in Love
Lord Can You Hear Me?
Oh Happy Day

Or hell, just download the whole thing with two clicks (limited):

Part One
Part Two


My god that was a long nap.

This should go up, because it kicks ass. Animal Collective live from Washington D.C., dude. Recorded by NPR with that totally tripped out host who just blows his load during each show (seriously, listen to how excited he gets), ripped by the good folks over at Collected Animals who continue to be the best fans in the world.

I saw them a few weeks back, and this is very similar to the set list they played. Except we got Chores, suckers.


image blatantly stolen from Brooklyn Vegan

There still seems to be a little bit of confusion as to the name of several of the songs, and there should be. Most are new. My suggestion: don’t worry about it, dude.

These are hosted by FileDen because EZ Archive screwed us, so hopefully it all works out for downloads. Also, we’ll try and make regular updates now that we’re all awake. I can’t promise we’ll be sober though, you know how it is.

Animal Collective from the 9:30 Club
September 28, 2007

Dancer with the Flowers in Her Hair
Little Girl (I Don’t Need) / House?
Walk Around with You / Bearhug?
Who Could Win a Rabbit
(chatter with crowd)
Pan Flute Jam
Daily Routine
Brother Sport
No More Runnin
Unsolved Mysteries
Leaf House
(more chatter)
We Tigers


As a devoted member of the Church of Jason Pierce, the religious implications of the holiday season don’t really mean much to me. However, I am totally down with gift-giving and holly jolly ho ho ho cheer. (And the occasional Hot Toddy by the fireplace.)

So to you all out there I give you the greatest gift of all–my favorite live Spiritualized show.


I got this from a friend who trades discs, and I’ve never seen it anywhere else so I assume it’s a bit rare. It’s a rip from a radio broadcast, so the quality is superb (though there are a few DJ chats…but they’re not in English so it almost adds to the experience).

However, the greatest part of this concert is its from 1993, meaning its right between the releases of the greatest album ever created, Lazer Guided Melodies, and Pure Phase. The result? Tons of tracks from those two albums, and several long versions of old favorites. A good departure from the wealth of 1997 and beyond Spiritualized shows out there on the Web.

While I used to think it virtually impossible for any one person to have one single favorite song, the version of “Walking With Jesus” here stands out above just about any other recording I’ve ever heard. Clocking in at a solid 11 minutes, it wails and wails gloriously. Crazy horns, dude. My favorite version of my favorite song by my favorite band. Please, bury me with this track.

Shine A Light runs into Electric Mainline here, but Pierce takes this version of EM into outer space. I’m constantly impressed how these different takes on songs sound so good.


Stats of the show:
Jason’s attitude – probably doped up, but sounding great
Long Song – Shine A Light/Electric Mainline (15 minutes)
Notable Exclusions – Run, If I Were With Her Now
Spacemen 3 Song: So Hot (Wash Away All of My Tears), Walking With Jesus (though I consider that a Jason song)
Version of Electric Mainline: Early, blissed-out

Spiritualized live February 5, 1992

(edit: EZArchive ain’t so easy… new process frightens, confuses me…looks like they don’t host downloadable files that are high quality.)


Spiritualized – Sway
Spiritualized – Angel Sigh
Spiritualized – Take Good Care of It
Spiritualized – Medication
Spiritualized – Walking With Jesus
Spiritualized – Shine A Light/Electric Mainline
Spiritualized – So Hot (Wash Away All of My Tears)
Spiritualized – Smiles

Download (limited):

UPDATE 4/7/08 – new linkage for you tardy students

UPDATE 4/25/08 – even newer linkocity for you tards


Well, technically 48 minutes and 5 seconds, but who’s counting?

This is Spiritualized live at the Portsmouth Pyramid from sometime in 2001 as part of the Let it Come Down tour. It’s one big chunk of music–just one 44MB MP3.


Set list is a bit different from other shows I’ve heard as Jason starts off with an “abbreviated” 14-minute version of Cop Shoot Cop, a typical show closer. From there it’s possibly the best live version of Let it Flow, a rare performance of Out of Sight (I don’t think it was played much outside of this tour, for shame), No God Only Religion, Take Me to the Other Side (Yes!), and Come Together. The recording ends there, so I’m not sure what else was in the show.

If you have shows that you’re willing to part with, send me an e-mail…I’d love to get as many as I can. Will trade the blood of your enemies, first-born children for quality bootlegs.

Spiritualized @ The Pyramid
Portsmouth, England    October 7, 2001

1. Cop Shoot Cop 
2. Let it Flow (@ 15:45)
3. Out of Sight (@ 23:10)
4. No God Only Religion (@ 29:34)
5. Take Me to the Other Side (@ 34:17)
6. Come Together (@ 41:48)


Animal Collective is fucking awesome live.

Yes, it’s true bro-dudes and chick-dudes, Animal Collective are some serious ass-kickin’ mind-meltin’ fools onstage. The shows are very popular among fans because, well, it’s a lot of noise that they can’t get anywhere else. I suppose it’s a bit of a mind fuck for people hoping to get a full helping of “Feels” when they see them, but that’s okay because they should be so out of their gourd at an AC show that it shouldn’t matter.


Peace Bone. Reverend Green. Safer. Street Flash.

These songs are really some of their best work and in my mind, work so well live that they should probably never even be committed to vinyl, plastic, cassette, papyrus, or whatever the fuck else can make sound.

img_3033.JPGIn fact, seeing some of their studio stuff (except for Banshee Beat and We Tigers) live just doesn’t compare with these newer tracks. Sure, it’s always nice to be able to scream out “Never met a girl who likes to drink with horses, knows her Chinese ballet!” at a show, but I prefer to stand in stunned silence, mouth agape. Just like I do with pretty much everything, bro.

Now that I’ve collected a few shows, Sung Tongs and Feels don’t really get the spins they used to–the live stuff is that much better. Plus, after listening to the shows that much more, I can sing along next time I see them.

Why do I post these shows? I post them for you. But this one’s actually for Lindy. (By the way the picture above right is from Coachella 2006.)

Animal Collective @ Variety Playhouse
Atlanta, Georgia    March 19, 2006

1. Flesh Canoe
2. Fireworks/Allman Vibe
3. Peace Bone
4. The Purple Bottle
5. Safer
6. Reverend Green
7. Cuckoo
8. Chores
9. Grass
10. Street Flash
11. Banshee Beat
12. We Tigers

Special thanks to the folks at Collected Animals for the show. AC fans are the best. Also – just noticed this post looks eerily similar to a post on Kwaya Na Kisser, one of the best music blogs out there. I assure you, the stars or planets or comets were aligned and on fire or something, because it was a total fucking coincidence.  

If there are any mistakes in there, just leave a comment–WordPress is acting buggy.


Man. Being busy sucks. Not much time to write, but this was the set list at Feist’s show at the Fillmore on September 8, 2006. Well, best I can remember.  

When I Was a Young Girl
Sally’s Song (aka Four Teenage Boys)
Secret Heart
So Sorry
Feel it All
(some song about the Ocean)
One Evening
Inside and Out
Fighting Away the Tears
The Build Up
Sea Lion
Let it Die

There was a tap dancer, a guest vocalist from the audience (whoa Sarah, good job!). She (Feist, not Sarah) wasn’t wearing white pants, but she was still a knockout. Feist, one word for you: Zoophilia.

Live Feist things:
Feist – Secret Heart (Live 89.3 The Current)
Feist – Sally’s Song (Live at Park West)
Feist – Nothin’ In the World Can Stop Me Warryin’ Bout That Girl (Kinks cover – Live)

The entire Park West is available at the most excellent rbally Web site.

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