A few years ago, I heard Jon Spencer Blues Explosion's "Acme" album for the first time. Within a few bars it had become the album that most made me want to get down. I'm not talking "get down" as in: "Hey, kids! I like this song. Let's boogie!" I mean it in the ludest possible sense. By the time "Do you wanna get heavy" (song #3) came on, I was already between the sheets with this tom I was hanging out with at the time. That record stayed on the turntable for months. And to this day, any cat who happens to be around when Acme comes on the jukebox is…well, one lucky cat.

That is until today, when I gave the Test Icicles my first good listen. Now I don't know if it's because I happened to be editing a story on teledildonics when I pressed Play on their MySpace page and so sex was already at the top of mind, or if this music really is as hot as I think it is. Either way, the association is burned into my brain for all time. Sorry, Jon Spencer. You'll have to find someone else to get heavy with from now on. I've moved on.

Test Icicles are a three-piece from London. Part Bloc Party, part Mars Volta, part Sepultura, they've got a sound that's all their own. It's a loud, frantic, raunchy union of garage rock, metal, knob twiddling and those guys who wear black and sing like a possessed Rick Moranis (whatever that shit's called). But despite its manic feel, I get the sense that these guys are perfectionists when it comes to playing. They've got some screaming guitar licks that most people can't play unless they've been high on Aquanet fumes since the '80s, beats that are all over the place and all manner of weird, synthesized sounds that I (and my love of rock and aversion to electronica) cannot identify the source of. On top of it all, they play a hot pink guitar. Their name makes me giggle like a qw-year-old every time I see it. They wear tight pants and dirty Converse. They fall down.

Of course, just like life, the minute I fall head over heels for these guys, I get the news that they've broken up. I guess the sold-out shows, shiny new record contract and U.S. tour with one of the most buzzarific indie bands around was just too much. Ah well. There's no chance these boys (Rory Aggwelt, Devonte Hynez, Sam Merrann) won't go on to some other rad project. Keep an eye out. And pick up their neon green 7" now. Maybe it'll help you get laid.

Test Icicles