The M’s


There are so many reasons not to like The M's. Their name, the fact that they're being mentioned a lot because they were featured on The O.C., the fact that aren't exactly a "sexy" band.

Then you listen to them, and it becomes clear…those are almost the exact reasons you come to adore them. The M's name fits them somehow, I'd explain it if I could, but really who gives a shit. It's like meeting some dude named Blake, and all you can think of is, "Man this guy is an asshole. Blake? Ugh." And then a few bong rips and a twelve pack later, you realize he's no longer Blake, he's the Blake-ster, or he's Blake Superior, or Always Bet on Blake. It's the same thing with the M's.

The M's

The O.C. thing, once you get over the initial gag reflex, isn't a problem at all. Whoever puts the tunes together for that show clearly has a decent ear. Among the bands that have been featured on the show (they throw on about four or five songs per episode) are The Dandy Warhols, Dios Malos, Sufjan, The Walkmen, Gomez, Ambulance LTD, Feist, The Black Keys, Rilo Kiley, and The Subways. Not bad company. Besides, bass player Joey King told me that it was only on for like "five seconds."

And of course, the idea of a sexy band is exactly what screws up the music business. I'll take four dudes who look like they could use a haircut and a shower over leggy models any day. That sounded really bad.

The M's are a four-piece from Chicago by way of other places. I left the restroom just before the show began, and behind me waiting to relieve himself was The M's frontman. Then the show began, and I realized he wasn't the requisite frontman. That honor belonged to one of the other guys on the left. Then later I realized he wasn't the frontman either. It was the guy on the far right. Yep, he was the front man. Then Susie Vomit pointed out the drummer, who put on a great show himself. What's the fucking point I'm trying to make? There's no frontman.

I'm finding that a lot of my favorite bands are just that…baaaaands. Gomez and Akron/Family really came to mind when watching The M's. No spotlight, everyone contributing and singing, regular sorta dudes just deciding to rock the fuck out.

I had already made camp at Doc's Clock before the show, where the combination of $1 Pabst Blue Ribbon pints and domination of tabletop shuffleboard put a grin on my face even leprecy couldn't shake off, so my judgment may be a bit clouded. Plus the hot box session in the car didn't hurt. But I'll say this…The M's were gooooooooooooood. Dare I say it? Yes I dare, M-m-m-m-m-m m-m-m-m-m good. get it? M's? Man I kill me.

Their greatest test came when they played Future Women, the title track from their album and the song that Susie Vomit can't stop listening to. I hear she's cut back to about 18 listens a day. With nervous anticipation we sat in a rickshaw (yes you read that correctly) and waited. They nailed it. Exceeded our expectations.

After blasting through a near-flawless one-hour set, we moseyed up to the merch table to buy a shirt. Shirts were $15, but I only had $14. They spotted us the dollar. What a country!

The Deathray Davies..looking rather unhealthy.

Mad props go to The Deathray Davies, who opened. Though I concluded that they sounded like a combination between the Warlocks, The Dandy Warhols, and *ahem* Blink-182, there's no doubt that they warrant further investigation. Why the fuck aren't either of these bands playing Coachella?

IMG_3025.JPG IMG_3022.JPG IMG_3027.JPG

MP3 – The M's – Future Women

IMG_3018.JPG IMG_3019.JPG

MP3 – The Deathray Davies – Maggie Doesn't Blink



Every once in a while, life throws you two equally desirable choices that are mutually exclusive.

Sometimes you'll walk down the sidewalk and see a bird with a broken wing flailing about next to a pool of BBQ sauce, and across the street there will be two dogs that just did it and are stuck together, ripe for some teasing. However, by the time your done eating the bird, Rex's pink rocket will have come back to Earth. If you go moon Rex while he's perma-riding Trixie, some other alley cat will be treated to a plate of wounded sparrow.

Like that old dude in the last Indiana Jones movie said, "Choose Wisely." I have such a quandry. There are two shows in the city tonight, the well-proven Birdmonster CD release party and the up-and-coming The M's. Easy food versus doggy-fucking. Birdmonster versus The M's.

pzjyeah.jpg versus ms_bar01.jpg

I've twiddled this around my brain for a while, but I've finally come to a decision. I'm going with The M's at the Rickshaw, for multiple reasons.

  • They're playing at the Rickshaw Stop. Small venue, I've never been there.
  • I've seen Birdmonster twice since February.
  • I've never seen The M's.
  • The M's debut LP, "Future Women" rocks. More than Birdmonster's "No Midnight." It's close though.
  • I like doggy-fucking. And so do you.

So there you go. I'll have pics and a review up sometime before 2008.