Short and sweet: the new Cloudland Canyon album–Lie in Light–is fantastic. Drones, tones, bones, scones.

Look, here’s an album cover!

Anyway, recommended for those like outer space and Middle Earth. Err, highly recommended. Download these (for sampling purposes only, wink wink) if you aren’t too baked to find your mouse.

Cloudland Canyon – Krautwerk

Couldland Canyon – Heme

Ohhhhh looky, they have a MySpace page!


Hey what do you know? The Cold War Kids played San Francisco…again. I swear, these guys are in this city more than me. Anymeow, I certainly am not going to complain as these guys are an absolute blast live.

The show was at the cozy Cafe Du Nord, and a buddy was having an after party with the band, but I went to eat. Unless they had statues made out of cocaine and three-tittied strippers, I think I made the right choice. It’s Tops pancakes are THAT good.

This was their first headlining gig in the Bay Area (the other two being opening for Apollo Sunshine and Tapes ‘n’ Tapes), but the crowd was definitely thicker than one would have expected from four kids who just signed a deal with a record company. Much taller, too. I guess indie buzz comes with a healthy dose of height. Because taller people clearly are more Internet savvy. Short people are too busy looking for shoes that make them look taller, they don’t have time for Web browsing.  

We Used to Vacation
Red Wine, Success
Saint John
Hospital Beds
Hair Down
Hang Me Up to Dry
Quiet Please

*New means either God Make Up Your Mind, Pass the Hat, or unidentified future hit. Listen to them below. I forgot when they played which one where…

Cold War Kids – God Make Up Your Mind (Daytrotter Session)
Cold War Kids – Pass the Hat (Daytrotter Session)


Yeah – it’s not exactly music, but I’m letting it slide for a couple reasons. First, the show was at The Fillmore. Second, he plays the piano. Third, he was fucking hilarious.

The man can tell jokes… and make the silence between jokes be just as funny. He closed the set with his usual written jokes on a gigantic pad of paper (which were handed out at the end of the show by roadies to adoring fans) while wearing a Little Orphan Annie outfit. It looked good on him, too.


Set list:
Masturbating onto his headshot
BET Canada
The honor of sharing the same stage as The Spin Doctors
Improv of him telling people they are losers
Armenian babies
Chinese roommate

I’m not saying he’s as funny as David Cross, but I sure am trying to imply it. Think Steven Wright and Carol Kane’s illegitimate bastard son.

CM's girl

Got an e-mail from the kids at Track 50 yesterday announcing that they’ve expanded their site to track shows in five new cities: Austin, Chicago, L.A., New York and Seattle.

If you haven’t heard of the site before, it’s rad. You tell it what bands you want to see live, they e-mail you when those bands come to your town. It started out serving S.F. only, so this is a huge deal for them.

If you want to know more, check out a more lengthy description my human wrote for her super awesome Interweb site. Or just go tinker with the site yourself, you lazy bastard.

So on Tuesday night, I ended up seeing a band called the Pillars. Too bad. Belle & Sebastian and the New Pornographers would’ve been way cooler.

For my birthday, my human made me a mix tape. So I would always think of her when I listened to it, all the songs have her name in them. Having such a common girl’s name, it seems, is both a blessing and a curse when you look at the songs out there. Some of these are incredible. Others: ouch. Glad it’s not me.

Rock and Roll: Velvet Underground
Jenifa Taught Me (Derwin’s Revenge): De La Soul
Jenny, you’re barely alive: Rilo Kiley
Jenny was a friend of mine: the Killers
Jennifer Juniper: Donovan
Jenny and the Ess-Dog: Steve Malkmus
Jennifer: Brian Jonestown Massacre
Make me lose control: Eric Carmen
Jenny (867-5309): Tommy Tutone
Jenny from the block: J.Lo

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