I’ve been piss drunk for 38 hours now! That’s right, mates, it’s fooking World Cup! Aye! I’ve got the World Cup Fever, that’s for fuckin’ sure!

Ye Americans ‘oo think Football is a bunch of bufties tossing a ball to each other can piss off! The World Cup is football! The best sport in the facking world!

To celebrate this event and help ye all get into tha spirit, ‘ere’s the best World Cup song ever.

And Gooooooooo Scotland!  (Editor’s note: Scotland is not in the World Cup, but don’t tell that to a Scottish Fold kitten after 12 pints, trust us.)

Air Miami – World Cup Fever
And because you can’t have too much Air Miami…
Air Miami – Neely
Air Miami – Airplane Rider (from Teen Beat Records)
And one from Mark Robinson’s other band…
Unrest – Make Out Club