Well, it’s been several weeks since I first heard the newest from San Francisco’s Vetiver, and it’s still top o’ the pops.


They have finally got their Web site up and running, and while it isn’t really spruced or even fit properly in my computerbox window, it does shed some more info on the band. But the best thing put up is a stream of a live session at KPFA, and if it’s anything to go on, Andy Cabic seems to hate the spotlight more than I hate that gang of hip-hop pit bulls down the street.

There are still no West Coast dates for the tour, but I’m sure they’ll come.

EZarchive is down, and I haven’t found anything interesting, so no mp3s… but you can stream the album from the site and see why it will do when catnip is hard to come by. In the meantime, you can watch them at Bonaroo here.



It was exactly a week ago today that I got the new album from Vetiver, “To Find Me Gone.” I am doing the exact same thing I was doing the first time I heard the album…that is, taking bong hits of catnip while watching baseball, while listening to Vetiver on my headphones.

Last week, I was completely blown away by the record, actually believing that this could by my favorite of the year so far. Well, seven days later, I think the same.


Fronted by Andy Cabic, the San Francisco band makes th e loudest soft music heard. Yeah, that really doesn’t make a lot of sense, but neither did those cyclops when I was tripping on mushrooms the other day. The point is, the cyclops DID exist, and Vetiver is the loudest softest band ever heard.

The band generally does guitar-based psych-folk, but will also venture slightly in other areas, and do so extremely well. The list of possible influences and sound-a-likes includes The Junior Boys, J.J. Cale, Spiritualized, and any bearded guitar singer/writer. But you would never say “You know, Vetiver sounds like The Junior Boys” or “Whoa! Vetiver reminds me of Spiritualized.” You would say, “Hmmm, Vetiver just totally had a J.J. Cale moment there,” or “I hear a little tiny bit of Elliot Smith in ‘I Know No Pardon.'”

That’s kind of what makes this album so good. It’s so familiar yet so different. People can knock people for sounding similar to others, but fuck that, I don’t care who you sound like as long as you sound good. If we’re always trying to sound like something never heard before, then before long music will be left with only bands that use chainsaws, smash watermelons, and buckets.

The band is currently touring the East Coast, with no announced West Coast tour dates…yet. In the meantime, buy the album and close your eyes.

Vetiver – Won’t Be Me
Vetiver – Double

Hey, I didn’t mention Devendra Banhart once! Awwww crap…