Wolf Parade


I no being have any reason to write about Wolf Parade but it’s been a fort-year since I’ve written so tough titties!

Another cat here wrote a bit about sophomore* albums–he cuddled up to the new Black Angels record Directions to Seek a Ghost or whatever and took a dump all over the new Tapes ‘n Tapes record. So it’s my turn to cuddle/poop.

Wolf Parade. The new one. It’s good. Which we half expected seeing as how Sunset Rubdown and Handsome Furs both have been releasing good stuff during WP’s hiatus.

The new album is coming out soon, and it’s more than satisfactory. I’m was more keen on Dan’s songs than Spencer’s (though there is nothing better than “I’ll Believe in Anything”) on the last album, and that fact holds true for this album. But it’s still a two-headed beast of a motherfucker that compliments itself (compliments itself? what the hell am I saying?) well.

Suck on it.

Wolf Parade – Soldier’s Grin (removed at label’s request, but buy the album)

Wolf Parade – California Dreamer (removed at label’s request, but buy the album)

Her Space Holiday – I’ll Believe in Anything



(also titled: Holy Shit, EZArchive works again!) 

We cats have been on a little break ever since our filehost, EZArchive, decided that having a Web site that worked wasn’t that important. Well, it works now. Hoozah!

How often do three of your favorite bands’ favorite songs all have the same name? The correct answer is once. If you said anything else, go back to stupid camp because you are stupid. And stop by fat camp next door, because seriously, you’ve let yourself go a little.

So here we have the second Cat Fight! Three songs enter, one song leave. The theme? They’re all named “Shine a Light.” The downloads are all live-ish, and the actual individual performance was not taken into account. This is about the song at its core…it’s heart…it’s entrails…it’s tasty, tasty entrails. So please, when listening take that into account.

The Contestants

Wolf Parade – Shine a Light  wolfparade.jpg

Wolf Parade are from Canada, and they love to entertain. This is one of Dan’s tunes, meaning it rocks a bit more and has less yodeling than Spencer’s songs. This is a CBC Radio 3 Session version of the song, so it sounds pretty studio-ish. I know what you are thinking… they have radio in Canada? Yes, they do.

Best part of the song: It may sound contradictory to what I wrote before, but Spencer yelping in the background while Dan grinds out lyrics sounds particularly badass.

Worst part of the song: The end… I just don’t get it.

Best lyric: The second time he says, “I keep my head uptight, I make my plans at night, and I don’t sleep I don’t sleep I don’t sleep til it’s light.” Cuz that’s how I roll too.

Spiritualized – Shine a Light jason-pierce-spiritualized.jpg

Okay, this contest really isn’t fair. I mean, who is going to beat Spiritualized? The answer is no one. If you answered anything other than no one then you are stupid and should go back to stupid camp. This version is from 1997, at the Garage in Highbury, London. 1997 was pretty much a peak for the band, when they had three amazing albums to choose material from–Ladies and Gentleman, Pure Phase, and my favorite, Lazer Guided Melodies. I swear to fucking god that this song will be played at my funeral.

Best part of the song: The entry into chaos. You’d understand if you were a heroin addict. What’s that? You are? Sweet.

Worst part of the song: n/a

Best lyric: “When I’m tired and all alone, Lord, shine a light on me.” Well, that’s about all he says actually.

The Constantines – Shine a Light constantines.jpg

The finest rock ‘n roll band in America (North, that is) turns out another insanely good rock ‘n roll tune. I don’t know what this song is about, all I know is while listening to it I want to scratch up the curtains, piss on the rug, and slit the dog’s throat. Any song that makes me want to do that and makes me feel like I have a right to do that is A-OK in my book. They’re so fucking blue-collar that your fingernails get dirty just listening to the song. I’d say they belong in Pittsburgh if I didn’t hate Pittsburgh so much. You and me both, Sienna Miller.

Best part of the song: The intro. It’s a great hook that leads into a mellow beginning. Kind of like someone punching someone else in the face and then cooing, “Now I told you not to do that. Okay?”

Worst part of the song: The abrupt ending. Bry Webb just tears it up and then takes off. It’s not awful, but it’s not the best part of the song. In fact, I don’t even know why I included “Worst part of the song” in this post anyway. What a jerk I am.

Best lyric: “Don’t talk to me about simple things. There is no such thing. All a man can build is his vision, and I love my man for trying.” Blue-fucking-collar.

The Winner

They’re all winners! Just kidding, this isn’t the Special Olympics and I’m not taking that gutless route. The clear winner here is Spiritualized, in fact it was never a contest. I tricked you. All of you. Except for you, you knew what I was doing.

Second place is a tie! Just kidding, I’m not taking that gutless route. The Constantines wrap up second place, because if I don’t, I know the Buffalo Pipefitters Union #243 will kick myass. Blue-fucking-collar.

Flopping in third place, or as I like to call it, last place, is Wolf Parade. Now don’t get me wrong, I love their Shine a Light. I really do. But as in life, someone has to finish first, and someone has to finish last. Except in basketball tryouts. I wasn’t last on the depth chart, I was first to leave. Now give me another glass of delusion, please.


Earlier I wrote about Wolf Parade playing at The Fillmore, and commented on how the tickets were too expensive. It’s partially The Fillmore’s fault obviously, but it’s also the inevitable result of the band getting bigger and bigger.

I told myself, “Cat, no way are you paying the ticket price and the ‘processing’ fee and the ‘service’ charge and the ‘ink’ tax for the show. You have morals, and you should stick by them.”

Well, I went to the show. BUT–I went morally intact. Instead of getting raped by Clear Channel, The Fillmore, and TicketMaster, I took matters in to my own paws and raped my friend for a ticket. Figuratively, of course. I only condone rape in role play.

So this was the third time I’d seen them, and it’s more or less the same everytime. That is, “Hey look, it’s Wolf Parade. Yep, that’s them alright.” I never get excited to see them, but I leave the show very satisfied. Do they put on a good show? Not necessarily, but dammit they sound fucking fantastic.


Spencer: “Moustache rides–5 cents!”

Watching the show, my cat-like mind was aflutter with various theories/conspiracies. I’m not too sure I get one of the sounds coming out of Canada these days. The whole Spencer Krug/Frog Eyes/Sunset Rubdown school of rock just doesn’t jibe with me, dig? I can see how some people like it, and at points during the Frog Eyes set I realized that there is some goddamned brilliance in there. The sound is like the whole hip “bedhead/messy hair” look. To get the look, you put everything in place, get it perfect, then fuck it up a bit.

But why does Wolf Parade work so well? It’s the yin/yang between Spencer Krug (pictured – lying on top) and Dan Boeckner (pictured – center). Most people jock Spencer, but me, I’m a Dan man. “Shine a Light,” “It’s a Curse,” and “This Heart’s on Fire” are three of my favorite tracks from Apologies to the Queen Mary, and those are very “Dan” songs (the fourth being “I’ll Believe in Anything”). However, put the two together and it’s all just completely badass good.

It immediately got me thinking of another band with a beloved frontman and a second songwriter that I preferred–Sebadoh. Lou Barlow was the darling, but I was always a Jason Lowenstein kind of guy. Even Rob Corddry agrees. Bakesale is a fantastic record, and combines both songwriters’ efforts well. But it’s Lowenstein’s songs that really nail it for me. If I were an angry teenager, “Not Too Amused” would be my anthem.

I digress… here’s the setlist from the show (to the best of my knowledge–and yeah, that new one from Dan is some of their best work yet, let me know if anyone has it or knows the name)

Wolf Parade @ The Fillmore   August 24, 2006

Things I Don’t Know (new)
Shine a Light
Grounds for Divorce
It’s a Curse
Dear Sons and Daughters of Hungry Ghosts
Killing Armies (I think)
You are a Runner and I am My Father’s Son
Fancy Claps
We Built Another World
New Spencer one
New Dan one that was totally, like, bitching
I’ll Believe in Anything
This Heart’s on Fire
The National People’s Scare (I think)
Dinner Bells

Sorry–no pics. Some live-ish Wolf Parade MP3s:
Wolf Parade – This Heart’s on Fire (Live)
Wolf Parade – Thing’s I Don’t Know (Live)
Wolf Parade – Shine A Light (Live on CBC Radio)
Wolf Parade – I’ll Believe in Anything (Live on CBC Radio)
Wolf Parade – Lousy Pictures (Live on CBC Radio)


Wolf Parade is going on tour! They're really "pack"ing it in! Ha ha. You'll have a "howl"ing good time! Ha ha. The show will really send you for a "lupine." Ha ha, actually no. Tried to do loop/lupine… didn't work. My bad.

The important thing is that a) I don't plan on making any Wolfmother posts for a while, so I should be able to freshen up some new awful Wolf puns, and b) they put on a pretty inspired show. Frog Eyes opens, so it should be a right Canadian invasion (it's important that you make the gung-ho motion with your arm when you say "right").

Random Wolf Parade @ Coachella '06 photo

But seriously, $20 for their San Francisco show? Pre-fines? I mean surcharges? Hey Clear Channel–eat shit, then barf it up, then eat it again you fucking lame shit fuck heads. Sorry, true anger makes me retarded.

Fight the power (as much as it can be fought) with some pre-sale action here: http://wolfparade.ducatking.com

August 4: Ottawa, ON @ Barrymore Hall (19+)
August 5: Toronto, ON @ The Phoenix Concert Theater (19+)
August 6: Detroit, MI @ Magic Stick
August 7: Chicago, IL @ Metro
August 8: Chicago, IL @ Metro (18+)
August 9: Minneapolis, MN @ First Avenue (18+)
August 11: Winnipeg, MB @ Pyramid Cabaret
August 12: Regina, SK @ The Exchange
August 13: Saskatoon, SK @ Amigos
August 14: Edmonton, AB @ Starlight Room
August 15: Calgary, AB @ The Warehouse
August 20: Vancouver, BC @ Commodore Ballroom
August 22: Portland, OR @ Crystal Ballroom
August 24: San Francisco, CA @ Fillmore <– $20 frickin bucks? Fuck you, Clear Channel!
August 25: Los Angeles, CA @ Wiltern Theater
August 27: Salt Lake City, UT @ In The Venue
August 28: Boulder, CO @ Fox Theatre
September 3: Montreal, PQ @ Osheaga Festival (No Frog Eyes)
September 15: Austin, TX @ Austin City Limits Festival (No Frog Eyes)

Live MP3s – please steal! And remember, they're Wolf Parade, and they love to entertain.

Wolf Parade – Heart is on Fire (live)
Wolf Parade – Things I Don't Know

Wolf Parade on Myspace
Frog Eyes on Myspace