*mean guitar strum*

Are you ready to roooooooooooock! I'm sorry, RAWWWWWK!

I wasn't ready to rock, but I had no choice last week Wolfmother took the stage. The three kids from Australia are straight up metal. They're like a pissed-off Truckasaurus. Seriously, I hear they eat cars.

"Wolfmother is my buddy."

Anyway, because I feel like I've written this before, I'll keep it short. These guys were pretty damn good. If you've never heard Wolfmother, you will soon. I expect these guys to go from up-and-coming to over-exposed pretty quickly. The debut album comes out in May in this wonderful country, so be ready for a Wolfmother onslaught.


My prediction(s) for Wolfmother:
Medium-name magazine cover by mid-May
Banner on big-name mag (Rolling Stone et al.) by early May
Music in car commercial by July
Alterna-rock radio station rotation end of this month
New Wolfmother strain of Chlamydia by July

wm IMG_3012.jpg

IMG_3016.jpg IMG_3014.jpg

Sorry about the pics, but good rock, like The Rock Ness Monster, is difficult to photograph. The last one is sans flash, and look how boring it looks, whereas the others are about as close to tasting Wolfmother as there is.

Wolfmother – The Joker and the Thief
Wolfmother – Tales from the Forest of Gnomes