YLT fans who need a fix before the trio’s new album comes out this fall can stop scratching their arms and looking about nervously. The band has released a 70-minute compilation of their annual WFMU radio fundraising show, in which listeners who call¬†and donate money to the indie station can make a request–any request–and YLT will try like the dickens to play the song live, on-the-air and with no preparation whatsoever. As the band’s frontman Ira writes: “It’s more fun than going to the dentist…barely.”

The comp was supposed to come out after last year’s show, but apparently the band ran into problems getting rights for some of the songs. I guess it’s harder to make a proper cover album than to¬†download 15 songs and burn ’em on a disc. Wait. What? Who said that?

Looks like you can really only buy it on their site. And they’re not releasing the song list, but the site says the album draws from shows from 1996 to 2003. Enjoy.