Everyone has to have some sort of top ten Albums of the Year. It’s the blogger’s right to tell everyone, “No, THESE are the albums of the year. That other guy doesn’t know shit.”

It’s also quite complicated to gather together all the data and make sense of scribbled notes, particularly at the end of the year when it’s cold and there aren’t many sunbeams to streatch out in. We’re cats, dude, we need warmth, food, and… well that’s it.

So here’s a running list of what we have so far. We’re going to number them, but I’m not sure it’s in a particular order.

Vetiver – To Find Me Gone


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Destroyer – Destroyer’s Rubies


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ROTY – Destroyed Utterly

Cold War Kids – Up In Rags


The Lovely Feathers – Hind Hind Legs


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The Mars Volta – Amputechture


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